It's A Haul Y'all: St. Patrick's Day

Hey there!

To be honest, I don't send out many St. Patrick's day cards. I do a little bit of home decorating and a little bit of planner decorating but that's about the extent of my holiday expression.

Until this year. I was tootling around the papercrafting websites when I spied a tag flipbook using Authentique's Emerald paper collection. Their Instagram page has the loveliest tag flipbook that I have ever seen! I immediately called my local scrapbook store and asked how much of the collection that they had in stock.

They didn't have the entire collection. They had more of last year's charmed collection than this year's collection but I knew I could make do. So, I hopped in the car and left a paycheck in the store.

There were three sheets from the Emerald collection and two sheets from the Charmed collection. I also added two sheets from the BoBunny Doubledot collection. I like both of these companies because in addition to having nice, thick, sturdy paper, the colors are vibrant on both sides. Sometimes you find paper collections have one pretty side. Well, with these collections, you could end up buying 2 of each sheets because both sides are beautiful.

I also needed to pick up paper and sticker embellishment for my projects. Normally I can find sticker books for each seasonal holiday. Oddly, I couldn't find St. Patrick's Day stickers. Luckily, I had a few stickers left over from years past because all I found this year were sheets of shamrocks at Hobby Lobby.

I did a quick 'It's a Haul Y'all - St. Patrick's Day edition" video to show you what I found. I hope you guys like it! And, make sure you come back Tuesday to see what I create with this gorgeous paper!

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