DIY Birthday Cards For Your Stash

Hey there!

I am trying to do better when it comes to making sentiment cards. I love giving cards to my friends and family. For the most part I get them done and to my loved ones. My issue is that I am normally doing them the night before at 10pm.

Birthday dates don't change. We all know this! There's no excuse for not having cards ready! But, there are so many crafts out there that I just neeeeed to do! However, I know that it's so important to get those birthday cards out. So I decided to sit down with my birthday list and make some bday cards!

I had 4 birthday cards that I needed to get made for the next 30 days. That meant if I made 2 of each card, I'd have some spares! Great plan, right? Yeah, I know!

My first card was a "boy card". Ok, so it's really a man card. I don't have a ton of masculine embellishments so I knew that I'd have to make the card look masculine with colors instead of embellishments. Enter the present card! It's a simple idea of "stacking boxes" on top of each other, adding some twine and a birthday sentiment. Put all of that on your card base and you have a party going on!

For my next set of cards I cheated a little bit. I liked the stacked box idea so much that I made "girl" cards just like it! Brighter paper, more feminine colors and tada! Look at what you've done!

Is this confetti card not the "funnest" thing ever?! And, it's easy! I like easy. Add a fun envelope to your card base and punch out "confetti". A regular old hole punch and lots of different colored paper does the trick. You can either use glue for each dot or if you have a box of dot runners, you can use those. It does take a little bit of time to adhere all of those "confetti" pieces but you can watch TV and finish this!

The other card was simple. I just used cutouts from my DCWV Confetti paper pad from Michaels. There are tons a papers that are festive and work for birthday cards in this one. Truth be told, I should have picked up 2 of this paper pad!

And now I have 4 cards ready for specific people and 4 cards ready for impromptu giving. And, if I use my scraps correctly, I can make 2 or 3 more cards!

Have you starting thinking about cards that you can make? Come on! There is nothing better than someone's smile when they receive a handmade card!

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