St. Patrick's Day Shaker Pocket Bookmark

March 19, 2017


Hey there!


We've talked about my love of shaker cards. You've seen how I love to make shakers cards for every occasion. It should shock absolutely no one that I decided to create a St. Patrick's Day shaker pocket bookmark for my planner.



I know that I could purchase a fuse tool and it would make shaker pockets so easy but I always find other things to spend money on so a fuse tool consistently goes to the bottom of the list. That being said, I am still able to create some pretty neat shaker pockets with the tools that I do have.


In order to create a shocker pocket you have to have a plastic bag. Because we don't have a fuse tool, you have to make sure that the pocket is air tight. I use two types of bags. Both bags are the Boutique brand. One is a self sealing  3" X 4" bag and the other is a reclosable 4" X 6" bag.


You also have to have stickers, washi and because this is going into my planner, a sturdy piece of paper for the back. As with all projects, just pull out everything and the kitchen sink so you'll be prepared.



The most important thing ever when making a shaker bag is shaker mix! I keep sequins, seed beads and glitter on hand. I also punch out shapes to add to the mix. I just choose a color scheme and go to town. In honor of St. Patrick's Day, I have plenty of shamrocks and hearts for my shaker mix.


I took my 4" X 6" bag and added a piece of scrapbook paper on the back that was slightly larger than the bag. I adhered it with a tiny bit of adhesive and then added washi tape to the ends. I wanted to hide the top closure so I added a piece of paper on top.


I picked up a heavy duty whole punch several months ago so I can punch through cardboard and washi tape without issue. Sometimes regular punches won't go through plastic or washi. I no longer have a problem with that!


I decorated with a few more shamrock stickers and popped it into my planner. So cute and festive and so easy!


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