Dollar Tree DIY - St. Patrick's Day Floral Arrangement

Hey there!

I am not the best florist in the world. I'm not even good. But, I'm not too bad at cutting a stem and putting it in a vase. If you're like me and 'not bad at flower arranging' then read on.

I decided to make this a Dollar Tree DIY because I'm not a fan of spending $10 or more dollars on a bunch of flowers and then an extra $10 on holiday picks and ribbons. I want to spend less than $10 for the whole kit and caboodle. I must admit, I came in under budget!

I picked up 4 bunches of flowers -- 2 white carnation bushes and 2 white with green tip carnation bushes. The green tipped carnation bushes had gold sparkly coins and green sparkly clovers as decoration. I also picked up green and yellow ribbon and green foam shamrocks.

Your bonus materials will be a glass vase (also from Dollar Tree), scissors or wire cutters, tissue paper (yes, Dollar Tree) and scor tape. I added other foam stickers from my stash for vase decorations.

Clipping the stems from Dollar Tree florals is easy. I have a pair of wire cutters but couldn't put my hands on them so I just used my scissors. The Dollar Tree does have wire cutters but if you are going to do any type of floral arrangement on a regular basis, I encourage you to get a good pair from one of the big box stores. I went to Home Depot and got a $10 pair that cuts like butter through the thickest stems. Totally worth the investment!

Anywhosie, cut through all of those stems. I kept some of the leaves but most of them go into the trash. Keep the coins and shamrock picks separate. They will be the icing on our cake.

I don't do plain vases. So, I took my green and yellow ribbon and wrapped it around the base of my vase. I adhered the ribbons with scor tape. You could use hot glue but I tend to use scor tape for everything AND if you don't want to commit to keeping this vase for St. Patrick's Day, you can remove the ribbon and use it for something else.

I also added stickers. I initially placed a sticker on the overlap from the ribbons but then decided to add them up the vase. It's just a little bit of glittery goodness.

You can put rocks in the bottom of your vase if it's too large for your floral arrangement. Or you could go for a smaller vase. I decided to stuff some tissue paper in the bottom of my vase and add glittery foam shamrocks up the side. The shamrocks add interest and hide stems.

Then just throw your flowers in the vase. I mean, arrange them to the best of your ability but really, just add them and then add the glittery coins and shamrock picks through out. That's all you need to do, honestly! You end up with such a cute floral arrangement with minimal effort.

I know, I know. It's tempting to just say no thanks to a good floral arrangement but it's so easy and inexpensive to put one together. In less than 10 minutes you can have 1 or 2 table toppers that look so good!

Have you created a Dollar Tree floral arrangement yet? If not, you are missing out. If so, tag me on Instagram and show me your work!

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