Flipbook Flip Thru - St. Patrick's Day Tag Flipbook

Hey there!

I have a serious problem. You good people know that I have begun 'many a post' with "I was watching/saw this idea...". Well, I'm going to start this post with "I saw this idea...".

I saw this idea on Authentique's Instagram page. One of their design team members made a tag flipbook using the St. Patrick's Day Emerald collection. I was immediately intrigued.

From what I saw on the Authentique's website (and then in my local scrapbook store a few hours later) were pretty green and cream papers. The embellishments and cut outs looked great as well.

My local store didn't have the entire collection but I didn't really have to use the exact things for my project. So, I picked up papers from the previous year's Charmed collection and other papers that I thought would match.

I started with the hardware for my tag flipbook. I knew that if I was going for a tag flipbook, I needed to secure it with something other than just ribbon. I found some minibook rings from a Tim Holtz collection that were perfect. I fed that through the tags and added ribbon to the rings.

I also don't have a tag punch or die. So, I took a large tag that I have from another project and outlined a template for myself. I outlined it on a stiff piece of cardboard because it's the perfect large tag size and I wanted to make sure I can use it for a number of things.

I decided on 4 pages. I knew that it would give me a front and back cover to decorate and 6 inside pages to create with. I ended up with 2 bonus pages though. I accidentally cut too many mattes so I kept them in the book as well.

I decided that the pages of the book would be cut from cereal boxes! Yep, cereal boxes. The cardboard of a cereal box is very sturdy and accepts glue or adhesive well so you can cover it with just about anything.

Covering all of the pages was easy. I used my pretty papers from Authentique and BoBunny to cover them. I tried to go with the plain green papers as a background. I knew that it would be easier to add busy papers to plain rather than calm down busy papers with plain papers but the best laid plans...

I added picture mattes on several of the pages. They are 2 1/2 X 2 1/2 or 3 X 3. They can be used for smaller pictures or journaling spots.

I pulled gemstones and sequins and washi tape. I wanted to have a pile of embellishment tools ready. I wasn't 100% sure what I was going to do with all of those goodies but they needed to be close by. I had a tough time finding St. Patrick's Day stickers so once I did, I bought in bulk and used them liberally.

I of course, pulled out my sequins, glitter and seeds beads so that I could make a shaker pocket! There is something very satisfying about hearing the shake, shake, shake from a shaker pocket.

On the last page, I used a cutout from the Authentique papers that I thought would sum everything up. "Lucky like a four leaf clover". I was pretty lucky that the tag flipbook turn out so well. The other thing that turned out pretty decently? My YouTube video flipping through the book!

Take a peek and let me know what you think! Then, sit down and make your own flipbook, tag or otherwise!

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