Framed Art - Retirement Card

Hey there!

I have a very good friend who is retiring. She and I have worked together for quite a while and while I am truly sad that she is leaving me (ok! retiring), I wanted to make her a little something to remind her of her former coworkers and explain to her what retirement is really all about.

I, of course, scanned Pinterest and came across a cute card that used Scrabble board game pieces to spell out "RETIRE" and then listed all the things you are supposed to do while retired. And, while I thought that this was a cute card, I thought, "Man! Wouldn't this be an even better piece of art?!"

So, I did what any responsible crafter is supposed to do -- I pulled out the glue and scissors and went to town.

I thought about trying to find a Scrabble board game and pulling the board pieces but, I have noticed that the internet offers anything you can think of. I typed in Scrabble board game pieces and several pages (for your use only, not sale or distribution) popped up. I pulled the one that I liked and printed it off.

I typed the words Relax, Entertain, Travel, Indulge, Read and Enjoy on a piece of copier paper, minus the first letter. I used a fun font because I thought it would be cuter that way.

I took a Dollar Tree 8"X10" picture frame and double matted my page for added effect. I used soft browns and creams to match the Scrabble game board "tiles".

Ribbon and shabby chic florals completed my masterpiece. I added a gift card to one of her favorite stores and I was done!

Such a simple idea, super quick and fun but so cute! Heck, I might retire just so I can make myself one of these. That's how it works, right?!

Let me know if you are getting any ideas from any of my framed art pieces. I've listed the last few ideas below. All you have to do is pick up a frame or two!

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