St. Patrick's Day Pen Pal Pocket Letter

Hey there!

I was super excited to make this pen pal letter! It was my very first one and while I didn't initially have a recipient for it, I was still happy as pie to create it.

Let's start with the basics. What is a pen pal pocket letter? Well, I went to the Janette Lane Blog and pulled the information that I could about it. You take a 9 pocket page protector and fill each pocket with goodies for friends. They can be super simple or very elaborate. Take a peek at one of Janette's videos and you can see how beautiful they can be.

After watching a Janette Lane video, you immediately want to pull out every embellishment you have ever owned and stuff it into a page protector. She makes such fun pocket pal letters! But before you dive in, you need to think about who you are giving this pocket pal letter to. You must be deliberate about the items you include. Does this person like little trinkets? Are they a crafter? Should you just stick with the basics or go all out? I decided that my person would want a bit of luck so I went with lucky charms in my pocket letter.

Well, when I say person, I mean people. Once I got going, I went a little bit overboard and made more than one. I decided that ALL of my friends needed pocket letters!

The first thing that I had to do was purchase 9 pocket page protectors. I found some on Amazon and had them shipped to the house.

I knew that I would need to cut 9 papers just a tad bit smaller than the pockets so I cut my pages to 3 1/2" X 2 5/8". Most of my pages had side Bs so I didn't have to cut backs for all of the pockets, just a few.

Once I cut my papers all I had to do was let my imagination run wild. I created a shaker pocket, a lucky pot of gold and coin pockets. I tried to put a small trinkets in as many pockets as I could.

I made St. Patrick's day paper clips just in case folks wanted to clip some papers together in a fancy way.

I also created a spot to say a little hello to my friends. Of course I'm not going to show you what I write to them! That's personal.

I wanted to have banners on the page and nice ribbon tassels on the end. Yes, I went a bit crazy with the ribbon tassels but they are fun and easy to make! Who wouldn't go overboard.

These two (yes, two) are my first pen pal pocket letters and I had such a fun time making them.

I think I'm ready to start trading pocket letters! Have you created a pocket letter yet? There are so many types you can create. I of course, have some on my St. Patrick's Day Instagram page but don't stop there. Look around and start creating!

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