Framed Art - Easter Egg

Hey there!

We don’t have that many days until Easter! Are you ready?

If you’re like me then, probably not. I just put away the St. Patrick’s Day items. But, if we start off slowly and build our momentum, we will be fine.

And how do we begin you ask? With framed art, of course.

I found this super Easter Egg framed art project and I knew that we had to make it. Go get your washi tape!

And some scissors.

And a picture frame.

And 2 copies of an egg template

I pulled an egg template from the web and printed 3 copies. 1 copy is for our washi tape, 1 copy was for our matte (was for - foreshadowing) and 1 copy is a spare. We are crafters…things happen.

You can precut your egg and then washi it or, if you line is super dark, just washi over the egg and then cut it.

Take several shades of washi tape and add strips to one of your egg templates. This is your opportunity to use some of those washi tapes that you never get to use. I’d go with wider tape over skinny tape but you do whatever makes you happy. Just make sure you don’t have any white space when you are done. Overlapping is fine (cute even) but white space isn’t as cute.

Once my egg was covered, I took my second egg template and cut out the center. You can cut a slit in the center and then cut the middle out. At least, that was the plan. Once I finished, I didn't like the look so I just matted my egg on cream cardstock.

I always tell you to stock up on those Dollar Tree frames. I also stock up on frames from Goodwill, Value Village and other thrift stores. This time I used a Dollar Tree frame and added 3 coats of Peony paint by Ceramcoat Paint. I liked the idea of a white frame but I thought a pale pink frame would be better for showing off the egg. Mehh, it's just ok but I like it.

And once again we've created inexpensive but really cute framed art!

I really enjoyed making this Easter egg and I loved the fact that I got to use up some of those 5 million rolls of washi tape that I seem to collect. If you don't have washi tape, you can certainly cute strips or paper in different widths. I think that would work out just as well.

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