Before We Put Up The Valentine's Goodies...

Hey there!

I knew that I was going to have to spend the day putting away all of my Valentine's crafting items. It's always so sad putting such pretty paper away until next season. It's so nice seeing all of the pinks, purples and sparkly papers. I know that the next holiday is green and after that, pastels come into play. But, before I put the boxes of love goodies away, let me show you some of the bonus things I made.

I am a note taker and list maker. That is why I love making notes items. I made this dry erase board with a sheet of leftover paper. All I did was take the pretty paper, add a few simple embellishments and pop it in a picture frame. I couldn't find my black dry erase marker so I used what was handy. It's simple but important!

The great thing about the dry erase board is that you can pop out the paper and change it for each season. I normally just keep them intact and purchase another picture frame from the Dollar Tree.

Yep. Planner paperclips. This should surprise absolutely no one. They are fun, easy and cheap. I showed you how to make them on my planner post . Well, I got just the teensiest bit carried away. Ooops. Ribbon clips, yarn clips, decorated binder clips -- it's all just madness, I know.

When it's this easy and this cheap to make planner accessories, how can you not make a ton of them? The most "complex" clip was the binder clip. I took glitter hearts and used Scor-Tape to adhere them to the binder clip. I probably should have used hot glue but I didn't.

I also made clothes pin planner decor. I just took clothes pins that were already painted a glittery pink and added hearts and gem stones. The great thing about them is that even though it has hearts you can use them all year long. I mean, you love people all year, right?!

And, I used left over paper (from cards and projects) to decorate my planner in love decor one last time (not really). It looks random because I just wanted to use all of the little pieces of paper. I hate throwing paper away so this took care of that.

And there are soooo many other crafts you can do before putting your Valentine's papers away. You can check out my Valentine's Pinterest board for ideas.

Don't get too sad though. The next holiday will have just as much "funness" as this one!

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