Framed Bathroom Wall Art

Hey there!

I have quite a bit of DIY framed art. I keep different things on hand for seasonal decor and switch wall art out as needed. There are art pieces that I've framed that stay up all year but they have to be special pieces for all year display.

One of my first wall art creation was a bathroom sign that I made 8 years ago. I saw a sign like it in one of the big box stores and decided I needed to make one for my house. My sister got jealous and I made her one too. My sign has moved house twice and is still going strong.

I decided to make another one.

You will need...

* a nice picture

* coordinating paper (optional)

* a picture frame (any 3x3 to 6x6 frames would be perfect)

* scissors

* ribbon

* duct tape or gorilla tape

* sticky back black foam

1. The first thing that I did was find a bathroom picture that I liked. Because you are using this for your home (and not to sell) you can search Google images or Pinterest.

2. Choose a nice frame. Don't mistake nice with expensive. I always run to Dollar Tree for my frames. They are decent quality and they are LIGHT! If you are hanging a DIY wall art piece, you don't want to have to get a stud finder and hammer a heavy nail into the wall.

3. Measure your picture and make sure that it fits your frame. I actually like to make it a little bit smaller and then matte the picture on a coordinating sheet of paper. Your paper, or matte, can fit the frame. I went with silver because it's pretty.

4. Frame the picture and make sure that it looks nice framed. Now is the time to make adjustments.

5. Turn your frame over. You see the back piece that helps your frame stand up? Rip that sucker off. We don't need it and we don't want it. If it comes off very lumpy, you can sand it down. We're going to end up covering it so don't worry too much about it.

6. Find a piece of ribbon that will look nice with your picture. You don't want flimsy ribbon or sheer ribbon. You want a nice, thick piece of sturdy ribbon. I used a nice piece of satin ribbon. Because your picture frame is light, satin ribbon works.

7. Take that ribbon and adhere it to the back of the picture frame. I used gorilla tape because it's sticker than duct tape. It holds super well. If all you have is duct tape, that's ok.

8. Don't worry about how ugly the back of your frame looks. We're going to add some black foam backing to the frame. It will make it look neat and protect your wall. I got my foam backing with adhesive from the Dollar Tree (of course). You can pick up some from your big box store or craft store.

9. Adhere your sticky back foam backing and admire your handy work! Doesn't that look professional? Of course it does!

You can frame anything and make it into wall art. I change out my art whenever something cute pops into my head and if you are on Pinterest for any amount of time, you know how often that is.

What are you framing these days? How often are you changing out your art? Once a week sounds good to me!

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