Dollar Tree DIY - Easter Wreath

Hey there!

Surprisingly I don't already own an Easter wreath.

Or a spring wreath for that matter.

I try to have something on my front door year round. But, as I took down my St. Patrick's day decor, I realized that I don't have anything to replace it with until summer.

So I took matters into my own hands and created a wreath!

I have to give credit to the fabulous ladies of YouTube. I watched several YouTubers create much better wreaths than this but I wanted to recreate it so I headed off to my local Dollar Tree.

I picked up four floral bunches, a 10" foam circle and 2, 9 foot rolls of pink burlap ribbon (but I only used one). It took my several stores and two weeks to find the foam circle so once I found them, I picked up know, for other projects.

The scissors, glue gun, glue sticks and wire cutters are not from the Dollar Tree. They are items that I recommend that you have in your arsenal though.

To begin my Easter wreath, I wrapped the foam circle with the pink burlap. I saved about 1 foot of burlap to cover up my floral stems.

For floral stems I had two baby breath bunches as my anchor flowers. And, I added a batch of pink flowers (with Easter egg picks) and a bunch of yellow flowers.

I used my wire cutters to clip all of the pink and yellow flowers from the main stem. I left the white babies breath whole because I knew that I wanted to twist the stems together and use them whole. There isn't a right or wrong way to add the stems. Just arrange them so that they look nice to you.

I do have two tips though.

Tip number one - If you leave the stems whole and want to hide the stems, use the ribbon. I hot glued the crap out of the stems in order to add them to the foam ring I added my spare 1 foot of burlap ribbon over it.

Tip number two - When it's time to add the single pink and yellow flower stems, make it easy on yourself. Take your scissors (an old pair, not your good pair) and twirl them around the stem. That will loosen the green plastic but leave the wire intact. Then you can stab the stem in place!

Once you have filled in your floral arrangement (and added your eggs picks) hang it up! That's it. It took me about 10 minutes but that was because I had to stop and take pictures every two minutes. 10 minutes and look at this beauty!

This was my first wreath attempt but now that I know what I'm doing, I am making wreaths for every occasion, for everyone I know!

Doesn't this have you running to your local store to pick up the items for a wreath? If you decide to create a wreath, tag me on Instagram and show me what you created!

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