More Valentine's Planner Decor

Hey there!

Maybe it’s just me but planner decor is important! Decorating on Sunday sets the mood for my week. Because I wanted you good people to be a part of the process this week, I decided to show you one of the goodies I use in my planner. It's one of my favorite ways to jazz up my planner.

A few posts ago, I showed you my planner tassel and paper clip DIY. Today I thought I’d show you a different paper clip DIY.

Paper clips are easy to embellish and cheap as all get out. You can create a drawer full of cute paper clip planner embellishments in no time at all. And, who wouldn't want so many different pretties for their planner? That’s why when I see a DIY using paper clips, I have no problem trying it out.

For this DIY, all you need is ...

* a paper clip

* several different spools of ribbon

* a few pieces of curling ribbon (optional)

* an anchor of some sort - I used two small stickers

* scissors

* glue or glue gun (optional)

1. Cut 6" strips of ribbon. Several different types and widths will fill out your paper clip. I used 6 different strips. If your ribbon is thinner, you can use more ribbon. If your ribbon is thicker, you will only be able to use a few pieces.

2. Find the top of your paperclip. The double loop is the bottom and not the area we are working with. The top is a single loop.

3. Tie your first piece of ribbon to the paper clip. Use a single, firm knot. I use my widest piece of ribbon first.

4. Tie the rest of your ribbons on the paper clip. Be firm but remember, you are working with a twisted piece of cheap metal. It can bend or break.

Don't worry about the look of the loops and how they bunch up. That's what the anchor stickers are for.

5. If you decided to add curling ribbon, add it last. Then use scissors to curl the edges. The curling ribbon will secure the other ribbon and add another decorative layer.

6. Take your stickers and cover the ribbon loops with them. You can use a drop of glue or hot glue to secure the sticker if you'd like. My stickers are super sticky so I didn't feel the need to.

7. Add to your planner!

I always have several paper clips on my planner. They are so easy to make, why not? And, when your season is over, you can spend 15 minutes making more for the next season!

Who's ready for shamrock stickers?!

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