Quick Valentine's Cards

Hey there!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I hope you’ve prepared all of your cards and send them out to your loved ones!

You didn’t? What on earth are you waiting for???

Don’t despair! Let’s just throw put together a few cards and pop them in the mail. We’ll blame it on USPS. Sorry post office. Someone has to take the fall.

For our quick Valentine's cards, you’ll need the following items

* 1 light colored piece of paper (can be 12 X 12 or 8 ½ X 11 or larger pieces of scrap paper)

* 4 premade card bases

* a sentiment stamp and ink pad

* scrap sheets of paper



*washi tape


*paper trimmer (use your scissors if you don't have one)

*adhesive (I'm using Scor-tape but glue could be used as well)

*any other embellishments

Basically, just pull out all of your stuff!

1. Remember the pre-made card bases that we talked about in my Made With Love Valentine's Cards post? Well, this is where those come in handy. Pull out four of them.

2. Take a sheet of scrapbook paper and cut out two sheets of paper that is 1/4" smaller than your card base. For instance, my card base is 5 1/2" X 4 1/4". So my matte is going to be 5 1/4" X 4".

Choose light colors, not bright colors. You don’t want your background to be too busy. These sheets will be the front matte for two of your cards.

3. Do you have a sentiment stamp? Good. Get a white piece of paper (or light piece of paper. I used shimmery sheets) and stamp your sentiment 4 times. It doesn’t matter if everyone gets the same sentiment! They won’t notice.

Card One

Go super simple. Add ribbon to your front matte. Right, left, center, it doesn’t matter.

Pull your stamped sentiment and mount it on a scrap sheet of paper. You can do it twice and double matte it if you want.

Slap your sentiment over the ribbon.

Add a few stickers around the sentiment.

Card Two

Take your front matte, add a thin ribbon (or string) to the left or right (NOT center) and add it to the front of your card.

Dig out 3 or 4 heart stickers from your stash and stick them on top of the thin ribbon.

Add your stamped sentiment in the open space (you can matte with scrap paper like the first card if you’d like).

Card Three

Add washi tape directly to the front of the card in a tic tac toe pattern.

Matte your sentiment with scrap paper and place it in the center of your tic tac toe pattern.

Pull several hearts and scatter them on some of the open spaces but not all.

Card Four

Take another scrap piece of paper and cut a 2” wide sheet of paper. Add a piece of ribbon around that sheet.

Stick it to your card base as a “mini matte”.

Matte your sentiment with scrap paper and place in an open space.

Add stickers in a pattern around the card.

Done! You now have 4 quick and easy cards that you can pop in the mail!

Need more ideas? Head over to my Valentines Pinterest page and start gluing! And remember, next year, let's stay on top of this!

Happy Valentine's Day!

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