Valentine's Day Place Setting

Hey there!

I enjoy creating place settings and tablescapes. It doesn't matter if anyone sits at my table or not, having it decorated is fun.

I always start with place mats. Place mats are cheap and easy and so versatile. I have taken fabric and created place mats. I've taken dish towels and created place mats. Heck, I've taken pretty scrapbook paper and created place mats. People don't know! Just pull something together.

This time I used a red Dollar Tree heart and 2 doilies that I keep with my charger plates. I knew that the charger I was using was going to be larger than my doilies so I doubled up so that you can see the element. If you want a hint of doily all around, you can use 4 of them and let them peek from behind your setting. Just like winter, it’s all about layering.

I found this fantastic charger at Michaels, I think. $3.99, on sale 50% off! You can’t leave that behind! You have to take it home. I knew that it would work beautifully for any dainty setting – Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, tea parties, you name it. Oh, and in case you were wondering, a charger is a decorative plate. You don't eat off of it, it's like a place mat on top of your place mat.

I lucked up on this plate at Tuesday Morning. It was $3.99 as well. It’s a pretty piece that acts as your decorative piece. If your first player in the game is plain, your second player has to be a pretty piece that offsets the plain. This is the “meal” plate (in case you were wondering). You are allowed to put food on this one.

My next piece is a clear plate from the Dollar Tree. It isn’t meant to make a statement or anything. Its job is to be a buffer. Technically, it’s job is to act as a salad or dessert plate (I don't know which one -- I'm not Emily Post!) but we all know no one is eating off of this masterpiece.

The final piece is supposed to be a soup bowl. I have to overdo things so I decided that this decorative candy dish would be my soup bowl. It’s perfect for a Valentine’s Day place setting! You probably wouldn’t want to lift it up and drink your soup from it but you certainly could use your spoon to slurp from it, if you are so inclined.

I have cutsie wine glasses that have Valentine’s motifs on them. But, I wanted to go classy and keep it simple with just a regular wine glass. I took a mirrored square, added a white square olive dish on top and put the wine glass on top of that. Pretty but practical. Sometimes wine drips down glasses. You don’t want that on your table cloth. Now you have a cute way to prevent it!

I could go into detail about table cloths and napkins, forks, knives and spoons but that’s a longer explanation and perhaps another post. And, I don’t want you to get caught up in all of that. I want you to just enjoy creating a nice place setting. I don’t want you to think about whether or not you have enough forks and spoons. Don’t worry about matching glasses. I just want you to have fun and create something cute so your guests will ohhh and ahhhh over it.

Chances are, they don’t have matching plates either!

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