Valentine's Day Shoebox Card Box

Hey there!

Remember in grade school when the week before Valentine’s day meant bringing in a shoe box so that you could receive your cards from your school buddies? You’d take red or pink construction paper and decorate your shoe box with hearts and stickers and place it on your desk. I’d be so excited to pick out my cards for Valentine’s Day because they had to be PERFECT! I’d be proud when I put my cards into my friends decorated shoe boxes.

Well, we’ve created cards. Why don’t we reach back into our yesteryears and make a decorated shoe box for all of the cards we’re going to receive!

It’s also a way to store the Valentine’s cards you receive. I’m thinking that you will be receiving a lot of cards. You’re fabulous that way.

Get a box. Yes, a shoe box is fun, but it can be any box in any size. We just need a box. I decided to use a tissue box. I wanted to show you that you really can use any old box and, I always have empty tissue boxes around my house. Allergies.

Get some paper to cover it. Wrapping paper, larger sheets of construction paper, sheets of scrapbook paper, whatever you’d like. I measured my tissue box and cut papers from my Michaels Valentines Hot Pad.

I used my Scor-tape to adhere the papers to the box. You can use glue but sometimes tissue boxes have a bit of a waxy coat and the glue doesn't stick well. You could use hot glue but I went the easy (lazy) route and used Scor-tape.

The opening in the box was achieved with my ruler, a pencil and scissors. I measured the existing opening and then drew it on the back of my paper. I wanted to make sure that there wasn't any (or much) of the tissue box showing.

Once you're paper is in place you can add embellishments. That would be stickers, cutouts, ribbon, glitter, etc. I liked the look that my papers gave the box so oddly enough, I didn't use any embellishments.

I decided to let my cards be the embellishment.

But you have full sized cards to put in the box? That's easy peasy. Cut a slit in the front and sides of your tissue box to allow the top of the box to open like a hinged top. I just used my craft knife to do this. The edges are a bit rugged so feel free to use a nail file to file them down a bit but, since my box will stay closed most of the time, I didn't worry about it.

See, just like 3rd grade! Well kind of!

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