Valentine's Flip Books Flip Through

Hey there!

I do love creating a good flip book. They are fun to make, a great way to use your supplies and fun to give as gifts. True, you may have to explain its purpose but once you do, people tend to really enjoy your gift.

Quick note; what is a flip book? Well, it’s pretty, patterned paper adhered together to be used as...whatever you want it to be! You can embellish them with everything you have in your craft room. They can be super small or 12" X 12". It's totally up to you (as are many things in the crafting community).

I use mine as photo albums, normally. I enjoy creating flip books for a specific event, season or project and then popping all of the pictures and notes that correspond inside.

The first flip book that I made was a standard 6" X 6" book. It has a pretty ribbon closure and lots of glittery stickers. For this simple flip book I took three 12" X 12" pieces of scrapbook paper and folded them in half. I glued them together so that each page has a design.

On the inside there is, of course, a shaker pocket and several photo mat spots. I purposely made the matte larger so that when I add a wallet size picture to it, you will still see the pretty pink striped paper in the background.

There is a pocket on one side to hold a photo matte and journaling page. There are lots of glittery hearts, matted cut outs and washi tape. This is a flip book that I'd use if I only had 2 or 3 pictures from Valentine's Day.

My second flip book was inspired by a 1 page tutorial that I saw on YouTube. It was like a dare for me to create a flip book out of 1 sheet of 12" X 12" scrapbook paper. I accepted the challenge.

The pages themselves only reveal 1 or 2 journaling spots and 1 photo spot. I wanted the pages to be more about the decorations that I could add to them.

But, each page comes complete with pull out mattes that have spaces for journaling spots and small pictures. It's what you'd do if you wanted people to see the book itself, but not necessarily the pictures. It's small but packed tightly and fun!

My final flip book was more traditional (for me). It's several 5" X 5 1/2" pages washi taped together. This book has 4 photo spots and only 1 journaling spot.

It also has plenty of glitter heart stickers and matted cut outs. Even though it seems ordinary, this one steals my heart. The saying on the back is the lyrics to a jingle that I have sung to my daughter her entire life. This flip book will contain pictures of her.

I could have created several more flip books but I ran out of time. If you are looking for an easy project, flip books just might be the way to go.

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