Felt Heart Ornaments

Hey there!

My last post talked about wooden heart ornaments that were super easy to make. Today's post is about felt ornaments that are equally easy to make.

I picked up a pack of Little Makers felt shapes from Joanne Craft Stores and I also picked up some 9" X 12" felt sheets that I found and cut out heart shapes from. I wanted to try my hand at sewing them together to make a stuffed ornament.

Along with felt heart shapes, I used pins, scissors, ribbon, cotton balls (for stuffing), a needle with a large eye and embroidery thread.

I am not much of a drawer so I used one of the felt hearts that was already cut and traced around it on the felt sheet that was not cut. Helpful tip, if you fold the felt over and trace half the heart, when you cut, you will get a heart in half the time.

Once I had all of my heart shapes cut out and picked out, I chose an embroidery thread in a contrasting color. Because the hearts are strong shades of pink, I like the multi colors of lighter pink as thread.

The Little Makers heart shapes that were pre-cut also had cute cut outs in them already. They also were thicker than the felt. That is great for crafting but a bit difficult for sewing. I took my time edging the heart shape, popped in about 5 cotton balls towards the end and continued to stitch in order to seal the heart.

When I got to the end, I cut the string from the needle leaving about 3 inches of thread and tied it in a knot. And then another knot. And then, a third knot. Because embroidery thread isn't super thick, you will just barely see the knot. I cut the extra thread close to the knot but not right on the knot.

And then I remembered that I needed to hang it, because, well, it's an ornament.

So I did the process again, pinned the ribbon at the top and stitched the felt heart in place, again, stopping towards the end to add cotton balls before continuing my stitch to seal.

And ta-da! You have beautiful heart ornaments ready to hang on a tree or around your house (and one lone rouge who will just sit in a cute heart jar or something). I whipped these bad boys out in like 5 minutes so think of how many of these you could have decorating your house.


Or 16. I'm not judging.

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