Dollar Tree DIY - Bedazzled Easter Eggs

Hey there!

You know I love a quick and easy decor trick. Bedazzled Easter eggs fit the bill!

These cuties can grace your tablescape in a crystal bowl or a candy dish. If you make enough of them, you can add them to a pretty vase of flowers. The ideas are endless.

And the project is easy. All you need are ...

* Plastic Easter Eggs

* Hot glue and a glue gun (I suggest low temp)

* Diamond wrap trim

* Scissors

I picked up my Easter eggs and diamond wrap trim at the Dollar Tree, however you can get plastic eggs anywhere and the diamond wrap is found in the floral or sewing sections of craft stores and big box stores. I had a hard time finding silver diamond trim from Dollar Tree for a different project, so I just ran into Walmart and found some in the floral department. For this project, all the pretty colors of my diamond wrap came from DT.

The steps are super simple.

1. Heat up your glue gun.

2. Cut the amount of diamond wrap that you will need for your egg.

3. Hot glue the diamond wrap on!

I mentioned low temp glue guns because you are going to get hot glue on your fingers. I'd rather you feel some warmth on your fingers than burn them and end up in the E.R. Low temp glue gun people. Low temp.

That's really all there is to it. I linked a video below to show you how I did it.

Please ignore the leg that you see midway through the video. I had some folks taking pictures for my blog refresh and they accidentally got in the way.

Oh, did I say blog refresh? That was a bit of a teaser. Stay tuned!

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