December Daily 2016 - The Flip Thru

Hey there!

I had a pretty busy December. I attended a lot of events and I accomplished quite a lot of things. How do I know that? Well, when I was putting my December Daily together, I saw it all.

At the beginning of December I showed you good people the items that I planned on using for my December Daily. I also explained what a December daily is. It's one way to capture your December memories. I use mine in scrapbook fashion -- pictures, journaling and lots of pretty embellishments. I also use it as a way to finish up any holiday paper scraps in fun ways.

I used the same style binder that I used for my October Daily. It's a 3 ring chipboard binder that I found at Michaels (on sale for $2.50!). It's large and easy to fill at about 10"x 12" in size so I was able to keep my pages at 9"x 11", just a hair larger than most pages that I create.

I used pages from my Michael's Recollections Be Merry paper pad and my Michael's Hot Buy paper pads in Crisp Luxury and Gilded Grey. There are some embellishment items made from scraps from other collections as well. Because the pages aren't double sided, I had to tape my pages together. I just used my Scor-Tape for that.

I didn't make all of my pages double sided because I knew that on the plain sides, I could use scraps from other projects to decorate the pages. You'll see that during the flip thru. I made 22 pages to create on, in total.

I went very simple with the cover of my binder. I just used Scor-Tape adhesive to adhere the papers that I chose to the front and back. Instead of pulling full sheets of paper, I decided to use large scraps from holiday crafts. It reminds me of a quilt.

My first page is just an introduction to my December daily. It reminds me of the year and that December is always full of friends, food and fun. You can see where I added a bonus strip of scrap paper on the left side and a page from a 6 X 6 Recollections paper pad. I also added very pretty gold glitter cutout snowflakes and a snowflake clothes pin at the top.

My December daily always has pages reminding me of all that I did in December. This page has my bingo experience, a license plate I saw on the way to dinner and one of my favorite movies that came on TV.

I also like to talk about the weather. I live in Atlanta and one of the reasons that I've remained here instead of moving has to do with weather. I love the fact that Atlanta has more warm/hot days than some other places. This month we did have some cold days with frost on the ground but man! Christmas day was 72 degrees! How fantastic is that?! To show off the weather change, I used a snowflake page with a white snowflake cut out.

I'm a bubble bath girl. I like to end a stressful day with a warm bath and I splurge on bath products so that I can do just that. This particular picture shows my blue bath water after dropping in a Lush bath bomb. This page also shows a shaker packet at the bottom! You know I love my shakers! I also added a piece of my favorite ribbon from this year. I picked up a roll at Hobby Lobby and I used it on everything this year!

Here's a page that was blank but I made use of my scraps. The glittery polka dot paper had nice sized leftovers that were easily incorporated into my Christmas Day page. I also used glitter stickers and gemstone stickers from the Dollar Tree.

I snap pics of so many things from the web and from stores that I visit. Sometimes I snap a picture and send it to friends or keep it for myself. It's always fun to look back at the end of the month and see what I recorded. This month included fun fact plates from TJ Maxx, hot men from Outlander, coffee quotes cause, yeah, quotes from the Gap and coats that well, seemed interesting. They are all matted on regular pink paper and my journaling spots are all just matted spots. I used my metallic markers, letter stickers and thin sharpies to express my thoughts.

I'm a Whovian, you guys know that. I love the British show Doctor Who and spend many hours snapping pictures from Pinterest and Instagram. And, if there is an event for Doctor Who, I am there!

Food? Yes. There are many pages of food that I ate in December. Isn't the saying, if you didn't Instagram it, you didn't eat it? Washi tape and Dollar Tree gem stones help tell this food story.

More food happens when you visit your favorite Aunties house for dinner. I kept this 2 page spread simple with matted pictures and simple titles. You don't have to say much to explain good food!

There are of course, many other pages. When you create your December daily you certainly want to have lots and lots of people pages and event pages. The whole goal is to make a book that makes you smile every time you flip through it. And, when family comes over and flips through it, they should smile too.

I know that it's January but it's not too late to create your December daily. Print out those pictures that you took and pop them in a book. Pretty paper, some stickers and festive embellishments will help bring those pages together.

Oh, you're on a budget? Well, catch a photo sale at your local drugstore (they have 100 photos for $5 -$10 sales all the time) and get those pictures printed. Then come back Tuesday for my budget December Daily!

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