December Daily On A Budget 2016 - The Flip Thru

Hey there!

Saturday I flipped through my December Daily. It contained all of the fun pictures that I took in December. When I printed everything out for my December Daily, I had a ton of pictures that I took of my DIY crafts. That's when I decided to turn my December Daily on a budget into a project daily. Technically I was DIYing in the month of December so I'm taking you on flip through of the projects that I did each day.

What makes this a December Daily on a budget? I got everything from Dollar Tree! I decided I wanted to do this because I put so much time and effort into my regular DD and I thought about the amount of money you could go crazy spending. Then I thought, I wonder how creative I could get if I just limit myself to Dollar Tree items.

Honestly, it wasn't that hard. Many of the items that I used for my regular DD are the same items that I used for my DD on a budget. The hardest thing for me to do was finding a cover.

I didn't want to create one from scratch so I just took a soft binder and covered it with a holiday bag! When I saw the bag itself, I just knew I needed to use it as a cover. It was a bit trying to cut it correctly so that it would fit on the soft binder but I got it to work! If I had to do it again, I might just open the bag and add papers directly to the bag.

The adhesive that I used to add the bag to the cover was also from the Dollar Tree. Handy tip, use this in a well ventilated area. Trust me. Do this.

Mentioning papers, I used construction paper from the Dollar Tree. The construction paper is kind of thin so I doubled it up to make the pages turn better. What did I use to double up the pages? I used double sided tape! At the beginning of the school season I picked up three rolls of double sided tape from the Dollar Tree. I ended up using all the rolls on this project. You could also use a glue stick but I wouldn't recommend glue. I think the paper is waaaaay to thin for that.

What embellishments did I use? My favorite embellishment of all time from the Dollar Tree are the colored gem stones. The clear or crystal gemstones are the best! I stock up on them every time I see them. They jazz up a page in my opinion.

My second favorite embellishment from the Dollar Tree are the letter sticker sheets. Just like the gemstones, I hoard every color I can get. The letters are about half an inch high and fit on every scrapbook page, memory book, card, or craft that you create. Ok, almost every craft. And they come in so many colors. If you see these, grab them. That's why you see them in most of my crafts.

In my regular DD I tend to matte my pictures and then put them on pages. I did the same thing here. I like how adding color in this way makes your pictures stand out.

Dollar Tree has a lot of ribbon and I definitely tried to use all the ribbon I could. I mainly had glitter ribbon but that worked like a charm. Glitter in a December Daily? Yes please!

And stickers! You know Dollar Tree has stickers. I used them everywhere. When I ran out of stickers, I used gift tags! And, when I ran out of gift tags I used adorable little snowflake clothes pins. They are so cute and they really do work on the pages.

BTW, Dollar Tree did not sponsor this post. The fact that you can get so many great embellishments and decorations from the Dollar Tree fueled my need to create something really cute from the items in the store. I think I did ok. What do you think? Does your Dollar Tree have some other fantastic things that could be used?

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