Decorative Cardboard Letter

Hey there!

I have seen lots of cute decorated letter ideas. I've always thought about making one for myself and then another project would come up. Then, I'd see the letters on sale, put one in the cart and never make it to the checkout aisle with it.

Well, a few weeks ago I pulled the trigger. I picked up a letter (W) and some pretty ribbon (blue), took them to the checkout aisle AND brought them home!

So now, I have a cute decorated letter!

I know that I say it a lot but this is truly one of the simplest DIY crafts you can do. I was absolutely embarrassed by how easy it was and how long it took me to do it. I spent a full 15 minutes on this project and that's only because I was warming dinner while doing it. If you want a cute decorated letter for your office or bedroom or kitchen or heck, bathroom, keep reading.

Your first task is to decide what type of letter you want to use. You can use a wooden letter, aluminum, cardboard or chipboard. I found a cardboard letter on sale at Hobby Lobby and decided to use that. It was 8" high and 10" wide at the widest point of the letter and I paid $1.19 with my coupon.

The next thing you want to do is decide what to decorate your letter with. You can use ribbon, tape, yarn, string, paper, almost anything! My first thought was yarn but when I saw this pretty blue, sparkly ribbon, I knew that I had to use it. It was $3.99 normal price and $1.99 on sale. If I had to do it over, I might not go so wide but I'd definitely keep the sparkle.

The other items you will need are ...

* Adhesive (tape or hot glue gun)

* Scissors

Yep. That's it.

And lean in close for the "how to" portion of this post. It's intense.

You wrap the ribbon, tape, yarn, etc around the letter. Done.

Ok, let me not be so sassy.

1. Take your ribbon and decide how you are going to start your wrap. I added 3 strips of Scor-tape to the letter and began wrapping.

2. I used Scor-tape on the back side of my letter as I went. If you are using your glue gun, add dots of glue as you go.

3. If using wide ribbon like I used, you will have to manipulate the ribbon to get a smooth wrap. If you are using yarn, twine or thinner ribbon just make sure your wrapping is tight.

4. Finish your wrapping by adding more Scor-Tape or dots of glue. You may have to manipulate fabric in places and the back of your letter might not look as great as the front side.

Ta-da! I love it! The sparkly letter is going in my bedroom. It's so quick and easy I can make several more if I want to.

You have to try this easy and inexpensive DIY. Tag me on Instagram when you do. If you need more letter ideas, take a look at the latest additions to my DIY Projects Pinterest board.

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