Dollar Tree DIY - Easter/Spring Banner

Hey there!

Well, I didn't mean for my last 3 posts to be Dollar Tree DIYs and Dollar Tree certainly hasn't given me anything free or sponsored me (but they can drop me a line if they'd like!). It's just so easy to find what you need and when you walk in the ideas just hit you in the face.

Not literally. That would be bad.

Early in the spring season I found these sparkly, multicolored foam shapes and I had to snatch them up. Butterflies and bunny rabbits signal the beginning of spring, right? And, I have to have a banner up at all times so I knew when I saw them that I had to make a banner with these foam shapes.

Along with the foam shapes, I picked up this corded ribbon. This is a tiny cheat because it came from Joann's craft store. BUT, you can use ribbon, cord or twine from the Dollar Tree without any problem. I just happened to have this handy when I was making my banner.

When I got ready to make my banner I set out my foam shapes in the order that I wanted to string them. I like mixing up the colors and the shapes on the string.

Once I decided how my banner was going to be strung, I punched holes in the shapes. I just used a standard hole punch. I did keep the holes though -- free confetti!

The next step is to cut your cord in the length that you need. I always measure my area and then add 6 inches to each side. That gives you room for your end loop.

String your shapes on your ribbon or cord in the order that you'd like. I left about an inch or so between shapes. I think that gives enough room for each shape to have its own cuteness.

At either end of the ribbon or cord, I added a loop for hanging. Because I used cording I added a bit of tape to keep it from fraying.

Banners are super easy and when your shapes are pre-cut, they are even easier. Have you made a banner? Any plans on it? If you need a little inspiration for your Easter or spring banners, take a peek at my Easter Craft Board.

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