Fun Valentine's Day Floral Arrangements

Hey there!

I'm telling you, people tend to forget about flowers from the Dollar Tree.

I understand. There have been many times that I've run over to Hobby Lobby to pick up large bunches of mum flowers for an arrangement. And, if I am keeping them for an entire season or an entire year for that matter, then that is ok. I have a white set of mum flowers that stay up all year. I might add spring stems to them in March or a red, white and blue pick in them in July but those mums stay up all year. That's why I paid $9.99 - 50% off for them. Now my Valentine's Day floral arrangement that is going to be up for, what, approximately 30 days? That comes from Dollar Tree.

I picked up 3 rose bunches from the Dollar Tree -- 2 white ones and one pink one. Each bunch has about 4 or 5 stems on it. I added a cute batch of pink glittery foam heart picks and I had the makings for 2 floral arrangements.

I used to be scared of DIY floral arrangements. The ones that other folks made were so cute and professional looking. I was sure I couldn't put anything near as nice together. Well, having to arrange impromptu gatherings at my house made me a believer! If you'd like to create 2 Valentine's arrangements, 1 traditional, 1 unique, stay tuned.

Along with picking up flower bunches and foam picks, I also got a heart vase and some ribbon. I already had clear glass beads (I keep them on hand) so I didn't have to get that but you can also get the clear, pink or red table scatter instead.

You'll also need scissors. You want to cut the flowers from the thick stem. It makes them easier to arrange. Because they came from the Dollar Tree, you can cut them with scissors. I have wire cutters for larger jobs. The Dollar Tree does sell wire cutters but I went big time and bought mine from Home Depot several years ago. I got my money's worth many times over.

Once you have separated all of your floral pieces from the main stem, fill your glass with the glass beads. Many stores have cute vases right now for a steal. I liked the heart vase that I can use over and over.

After adding your beads, add your floral pieces. Make them fluffy and full. Don't be scared to add more or take something away. It's your creation and it will turn out beautifully.

I like the look of the pink glittery foam heart picks in the middle. It jazzes up the look.

And, if you really want to go fancy, pull out that larger wine glass that you have and use it as your vase! I had to trim the floral pieces to fit in the glass and I decided to add a bit of ribbon inside for that extra touch. There you have your unique floral arrangement.

Don't get scared! And, don't let inexpensive flowers unnerve you. You aren't trying to trick everyone into thinking they are real. You are simply creating a pretty arrangement for your coffee table or dinner table or mantle. When you are done with your arrangement, you can put them away for next year. Yes! They will last just as long as any other flowers, if you take care of them.

If you need inspiration, take a peek at my Valentine's Pinterest page. I looked through several pins before deciding on my arrangements.

Has this got you thinking about what you can do? If so, tag me on Instagram and show me what you've made!

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