New Year's Eve Princess Hats

Hey there!

In Tuesday's post, I talked about making wine tags and giving them to your New Year's Eve host/hostess with a bottle of wine. In my last post I talked about the holiday poppers that you can create for a home NYE bash or you can take some of them to the party that you are attending. Today, we're going to talk hats!

If you are like me and you have a little princess in your life (or you are a princess), you need special NYE accoutrements. I could have purchased some hats from the Dollar Tree or Target/Walmart or Party City. But, if you're like me, you have to do just a little but extra. I decided that before I put my holiday crafting supplies away, I'd pull some paper out and create some hats.

If you've been crafting all season, then you are going to have almost everything that you need for this project.

What you need are ...

* scissors and tape

* a pretty piece of paper, cut into a square

* curling ribbon (3-6 pieces) or thin ribbon (1-2 pieces), cut into 3 ft long pieces

* a small hole punch (1/8") or a craft knife

* elastic cording (I only had bright colors but white would have worked best)

* double sided tape

1. The cardstock that I used was a 9" square. Because it was cardstock, I had to work with it to bend it into a cone shape on the diagonal. If you are using regular scrapbook paper, you just need to bend it into a cone.

2. Once you roll your paper into its cone, add double sided tape. Once you add the tape, carefully roll it back into the cone and stick into place. It doesn't have to be perfect, just wearable. You can cut the edges later if you want to.

3. Once you have your cone, fold your ribbon in half and lay it next to your cone hat. I decided to go with the combo of ribbon and curling ribbon because, well, I do the most people!

4. Slice the top of your cone hat (about 1/4" or 1/2" depending on the thickness of the ribbon you chose) and fold your ribbon inside of it. I tapped mine in place from the inside but I know people that staple it from the outside and then add some fluff or extra ribbon to cover the staple. Go with whatever is comfortable for you.

5. Once you have secured your ribbon to your liking, pop your hat on your head and decide where you'd like your elastic cording to go. Mine ended up about 5" from the front of my hat. Punch a hole into each side of the cone hat.

DO NOT use a regular hole punch. The hole will be entirely too large. Instead, use a 1/8" punch that you can find at your local craft store.

If you don't have the punch, use your craft knife and pierce a hole in the side. That works just as well, it's just not as finished.

6. Pop your elastic cording on either side, carefully secure with a knot and tape the inside of the knot for good measure. Remember that you are working with paper. It does tear easily.

7. Pop on your head!

I loved making this project and squealed when I put it on. I got excited and stopped there. But, you could do so much more. You can add rhinestone or fur trim. You can curve the front point or cut it off completely. You can add a small piece of mesh on the back and let it flow like a medieval princess. Ahhhh, there are so many things you could do.

I'd even gather folks early and while you are waiting for the ball to drop, make these with your guests. Kids will LOVE making them and you know, adults are silly! They will love this too.

Tag me on Instagram and show me how your hat turned out because I just know you are going to make one or two or several!

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