Valentine's Day Paper Garland

Hey there!

You guys know that garland is one of my favorite DIY home decor items! I love garlands because they are so easy and fun and you can make them quickly.

You simply need

  • 3 or 4 sheets of paper (I used 3 sheets of 12 X 12 Valentines cardstock from my Michaels Valentine's Day Hot Buy paper pad)

  • String, twine, or ribbon

  • Scissors and a stapler

The process is pretty simple too.

1. Take your 12 X 12 (or whatever size paper you have) and fold your paper in half. I used my scoring board. The fold will be the bottom half of your heart.

2. NOTE - Make sure before you cut that your cuts will include the fold. Don't cut with the fold, cut against it.

3. Cut your pieces of paper into 1 1/2" strips. Each page will give you 8 pieces of paper. Because I am using 3 pieces of paper, I ended up with 27 pieces of paper.

4. Manipulate your strip of paper into a heart and staple it in 2 places; once near the bottom of the paper (A) and about 1/4" from that (B). I had to pull my ends out of the heart and staple it.

5. Once you staple your paper, you will have to manipulate it back into a heart shape.

6. You can stop with this if you'd like. I've seen folks make wreaths from their hearts and I think that just putting them in a bowl would be cute.

7. I decided to continue to make a garland by stapling the hearts together. Now, if you have a slim stapler or a mini stapler, this is the time to use it. And, you have to keep each heart straight, otherwise you will get a crooked garland (which isn't such a bad thing!).

8. Add some ribbon, twine or string through a few of the hearts for stringing.

And there you have it! It's cute and easy. The kiddos can help you with this one or you can just make it while watching TV like I did. You can keep it short or make it long enough to drape over whatever you'd like.

Need more inspiration? I have a Pinterest board for that!!

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