Valentine's Day Planner Tassel and Paper Clip

Hey there!

When you decorate for any holiday, you have to make sure you decorate your planner as well! I know that you can find so many cute planner decorations at Hobby Lobby, Joanne Craft Stores and Michaels but I like to make my own. It makes my planner unique and it's just fun to make your own planner decorations!

I love a good tassel. They are so easy to make and very inexpensive. I saw this really pretty yarn in pink, fuchsia, orange and purple at Michaels and knew that I'd be using it for a planner tassel. I only paid $2.50 for the entire skein and I'll be able to do several crafts with it.

To make a tassel template, I use a piece of cardboard that I keep for just this purpose. It's an 8" X 8" square that creates a 8" tassel.

1. I wrap my yarn around the cardboard 100 times. I like a fluffy tassel. You could probably do 65 - 75 times and get a good tassel too. I cut a spare 8" piece of yarn and loop it through the yarn at the top of the tassel template and tie a knot. Then I tie the top of the yarn into a loop.

2. Once I secure the yarn at the top, I snip my loops at the bottom of the cardboard template. Remove your template from the yarn.

3. I smooth out my tassel and I take a 24" piece of yarn and secure it 2" from the top of the tassel (the closed loop side not the open loop side at the bottom).

4. Secure the yarn with a knot and then wrap the remaining yarn around the tassel.

5. You can leave your ends unfinished but I like to take my scissors and just clean it up a little.

6. Then you just add it to your planner! I added a small foam heart on mine.

The tassel is fun but if you are looking for something even quicker and easier, these Valentine's Day paper clips are the way to go. They can be made with some of the foam stickers or table scatter that I picked up.

I'm using plastic coated paper clips from Dollar Tree, foam stickers from Michaels and felt stickers from Target.

1. Pick out 2 hearts that match each other in size. I wanted mine to be a different color on each side.

2. Decide on your glue of choice. I used my E6000 but you can also use your hot glue gun.

3. Add a dab of glue on the bottom of the heart and add the second heart to the paper clip.

4. Take a snack break cause you are done!

Planner pretties don't have to cost an arm and a leg to make and they don't have to be difficult. All three planner pretties cost me about $1.50 to make! How fun is that?!

Are you going to try your hand at planner pretties? Tag me on Instagram and show me what you make!

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