Valentine's Day Wooden Ornaments

Hey there!

I use to have a Valentine's tree. I actually had trees for almost every holiday but it got to be waaaay too difficult to store so many different types of trees.

I still like to make ornaments. I don't have a tree to hang them on but I do like to hang them on my walls. Ornaments for any season are usually pretty easy and always fun.

I chose 2 wooden pieces from Michaels, an XOXO ornament and a heart lock and key and painted them.


See you next time.

Really though, that's about all that you need to do. Pick up 2 (or more) wooden pieces that you like. Craft stores have tons of pieces and online stores have even more. I only got two but I very easily could have picked up plenty more.

I also picked up pretty paint. Yes, I have red and pink paint but I didn't have shiny red and sparkly pink paint. Michael's was having a sale on these paints (actually I think they were being discontinued) so I picked up Folk Art paint in Paradise Pink & Bright Red. I thought they would look pretty on the wood.

And they do! I just used a paint brush to paint the XOXO wooden piece with a thin layer of paint. I let it dry and then painted the bottom half again creating the slightest ombré affect. I didn't want to do a full ombré, just a touch. With the heart lock and key, I just painted both pieces with the pink paint (several times because of how sheer it was) and let it dry. Beautiful!

The wooden ornaments that I used came with brown twine but I didn't want that look. So, I took my cute heart ribbon that I picked up at Walmart and looped it through the holes instead.

Like I said previously, this is such an easy DIY but really cute. You can do this one as a quick craft with the kiddos. They'd have a blast making their own ornaments and showing them off.

Let me know if you decide to do your own wooden ornaments. Just tag me on Instagram. Or, if you are looking for more ideas, I have a ton of them on my Pinterest Valentine's Day craft board.

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