8 Days of Christmas - Day 5

Hey there!

I have several coworkers that have young kids. They don't have date nights very often. Hasn't it been since Hailey's Comet since the last date night? I remember those years and I remember some of the best gifts that I received as a mommie with a young kid. One of my favorites was a movie night box.

It's a simple gift and you can vary it in so many ways. Everyone will enjoy a movie night box. Just remember to tailor it to the receiver. When I was creating my movie night box, I thought about my coworker that has 2 small children and a husband.

I found a cute popcorn box at Dollar Tree. I've seen them at many different places in many different sizes. If you can't find a popcorn box, any box or cute bag will do. Maybe you could use a cute bowl so that once the popcorn is popped, they can put it in the bowl. If you can't find a cute box or bowl, it's ok. It's what's inside that really counts.

Movies! In order to create a proper movie night box, you have to add movies! I'm currently loving Outlander. Isn't everyone? And, if folks have little kids any Christmas movie is probably going to work. Your coworker can start with the kiddie movies, put the kids to bed and then move on to the good stuff!

If you can't think of a good movie or you aren't really sure about their tastes, pick up a Target or Walmart gift card. Then they can pick the movie that they want. Or, you can order a Red Box gift card.

And snacks. You need a drink (probably a full size for family). I always go with soda. It's supposed to be a treat. If they don't like soda, go with whatever you've seen them drink. Also add popcorn. It's best to add 2 packages of popcorn. Remember, there is a kiddie movie and movies for the adults. Or they might be greedy -- it's allowed. That's two packages of popcorn. And, you need candy. Whatever candy you've seen them eat, add it to the box. The Dollar Tree and the big box stores have dollar boxes of candy. I suggest several types.

Wrap your movie night box in some cellophane wrap or just add a box and tada! You have a fantastic gift! It's an easy gift and faster than a comet to make!

Just 3 days left! That means 3 great ideas left! See you tomorrow!

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