8 Days of Christmas - Day 7

Hey there!

Everyone loves snacks! During the holidays all types of cute chocolates and mints and goodies appear at my office. In spite of that, my coworkers all run around looking for snacks about 2pm every day. I can't always help out but with a nice treat bag as a holiday gift, maybe 2pms will go smoothly.

You can very quickly pop some candies in a bag and call it a day but that's not cute. You know what is cute? Tags. Tags on bags are cute. If you haven't been on Pinterest lately, you really should check it out. I have a gift idea board that has had the wheels in my head turning.

And the wheels have created candy tags. I found cute ideas for Elf Pillows, Holly Jolly Christmas and Gingerbread kisses tags. You don't have to use these, you can use any idea and pair it with candy.

The Elf Pillows are just puffed peppermints. The Holly Jolly Christmas candies are Jolly Ranchers and the Gingerbread kisses are Hershey's kisses. I used those because they were the first three candies that I found. You can use green or white tic tacs and make Elf mints. You can use Whoppers and make reindeer poop (sorry Blitzen). You can use red hots or cherry bomb candies and make spare noses for Rudolph (again, sorry Blitzen). Let your imagination run wild.

I go simple and use Dollar Store treat bags. They are see through, the perfect size and you can add as little or as much candy as you'd like. If you can't find treat bags, use regular plastic bags. In this case, it's not the vessel you are using, it's what you are adding to the vessel.

I took my cute tags and I punched a hole in some of them in order to tie them to the treat bags. Others I stapled to the bag. Oh, fun fact, you can use an oil based marker (like a sharpie) in bronze or gold to color your staples before you load them into the stapler and you'll have fancy staples. You're welcome.

Oh, you don't have cute tags and cut outs? All you need is copier paper and a pen or marker or crayon. You can take the kidlike wonder approach and write your tags in a little childlike hand and everyone will love them.

Add them to a gift bag or just hand them out as is. If I am using gift bags, I add chocolate pretzels to the mix because, well, they're chocolate pretzels! You can add some mints, candy canes or anything you'd like. Remember, your coworkers are after 2pm treats! They will like the funny tag that you create and really enjoy the candy inside.

You only have one day left until Christmas eve. I know that you've gotten everyone everything, right? No? Well, come back tomorrow. It's your last chance.

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