8 Days of Christmas - Day 8

Hey there!

Happy Christmas Eve! It's Day 8 of my 8 Days of Christmas! And you still haven't finished your shopping. What on earth have you been waiting for? Did you think someone else was going to do it for you?

Ok. ok, don't fret. Stores are still open they are just super crowded. You could stand in those long lines or you could cheat and go gift card.

Well, it's not really cheating. I won't be harsh with you. I too, give gift cards to some folks. Some people really like them and it really does allow people to get whatever they want to get for themselves. If they are like me, there are things that I'd never buy for myself but if you give me a gift card, well, it's like you bought it for me so that's ok!

The nice thing about gift cards is that you can normally find them in the check out area. Sometimes customer service can check you out a bit faster than getting in those long lines. You can also find them at odd stores -- drug stores, office supply stores, gas stations. Just be careful when purchasing. I know that scammers like gift cards so think about the location that you get your cards from. If possible, get one from behind a counter.

Or, you can go online right from the house, in your pjs and order one. I know that many places offer emails or cute printable pages for you to give to your recipient. When you order your gift card online, you can pick from so many stores. You can spend any amount for your gift card and add your printable page to a holiday card or a colorful envelope with a candy cane.

So no, it isn't bad to give a gift card. No, it's not really bad to wait until the last minute to get your gift card. And no, it's not bad that you didn't even have to DON(NER) any clothes to pick up this gift.

What is bad? If even after all of this, you still don't have anything to give tomorrow! Go back and re-read all 8 Days of Christmas and get to shopping or making!

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