8 Days of Christmas - Day 1

Hey there!

Do you know how many days there are until Christmas? 8!! There are 8 days until the most magical day of the year! If you are like me, you have completely finished all of your shopping and you are relaxing in your pjs and not stressing at all.


I have not finished shopping for my kiddo or my mom or my coworkers. A few days ago I sat and thought about all of the gifts that I had to get and I seriously started to get stressed. But then, I took a deep breath, looked through Pinterest and life became easier. I say it all the time -- you should check out Pinterest for all of your life ideas. You can cook a meal, plan a trip and get ideas for Christmas gifts.

Now, I don't know your kids or your parents but I do know your coworkers. Well, not literally, but you know. Because I was stressed, I figure you good people might be stressed. So, have no fear. For the next 8 days, I am going to give you some cute DIY ideas for Christmas gifts for coworkers.

These are going to be cute gift ideas that are not only quick and easy but really fun too! These are all gifts that I am giving this year and gifts that I'd love to receive. Don't worry -- You are welcome in advance.

Think back to last week. Remember that coworker that walked into your office or over to your desk and handed you copies that you left at the printer? Remember when you glanced at their nails and they were all sparkly and nicely painted? Well, today's Christmas gift is for them.

DASH over to your big box store and grab some holiday socks. You can run by anyone's dollar spot/place/area and grab some or you can go really fancy and pick up a super soft, lush pair. Just keep the person in mind and what you think they'd like on their tootsies.

Go to the beauty aisle and pick up some hand lotion or foot cream. I love this time of year because Ulta and Bath and Bodyworks do their 5 for $5 mini lotions. If you don't live near either of these stores, DASH into any store and see what hand lotion sales they have. I like these lotions because they are lotions that I actually use. I try not to give gifts that I wouldn't want to get back.

Then glance over riiiiiight next to the lotion and you'll see nail files. I know, I know -- a nail file? A nail file is something that you always need but never seem to have one handy. When I was presenting my gifts this year, one coworker yelled, "Oh! I need that right now!" and she proceeded to file down a rough nail edge. Gift already appreciated!

Oh, and a good tip is to wrap the nail file in a bit of cellophane wrap or something. If you don't, it could catch on the socks and that would be bad.

Find 2 nice polishes that you like and add them to your goodies. Now, this is where things can get tricky. Try to match the polish to the person. I wanted to give all Christmas reds but not everyone wears red nail polish. So you can balance it out with pale colors and a pinky mauve color. Those are universal colors that everyone loves.

Remember, just like with the socks, go with polish brands that YOU would use. While I love my Zoya polishes with a passion, not everyone is getting the Zoya footcare kit. What I like to do is DASH into Marshalls or Ross or TJ Maxx type stores and see what they have marked down. Nail polishes are seasonal. Last Christmas's polishes are still very good polishes but they will be marked down to $1.99 or $3.99. The summer polishes that fall into the pale pink or light mauve column will be on sale too. Take advantage of that!

Want to do just that little bit extra? I always have seasonally treat bags on hand. Take one of those and fill it with a few cotton balls or cotton rounds/squares. Still feeling feisty? Add a small container of nail polish remover. You can find them for right at a dollar most places. And, everyone appreciates having a spare bottle of nail polish remover.

So there you have it! A very practical but super cute holiday gift. You can make a few for the ladies at work or make many and have a few spare gifts!

Oh! I nearly forgot, what are you going to wrap all of that goodness in? Just a simple bag will do. I found a site that has just the cutest crafts and creations, pinkpolkadotcreations, and printed out some cute "mistle toes" tags. I backed them on red paper, added a bit of ribbon and tada! You have a fancy bag to put all your goodies in.

Don't make gift giving hard! Keep it easy and fun. Day 2 will have your dancing like a DANCER in the aisles.

Come back tomorrow!

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