8 Days of Christmas - Day 2

Hey there!

Welcome to Day 2 of quick and easy holiday gifts. I had gift ideas for coworkers in mind but these ideas are good for friends, family or even the mail carrier!

On Day 1 we made cute little "Mistle Toes" goodies bags that would keep your coworker's feet as cute as a DANCERS. Today we are making hot chocolate or tea mugs. Seems odd at first but I got two hot chocolate mugs myself this year and I love them!

I begin my day getting coffee or warm water for tea or hot chocolate. I meet several folks in the office doing the exact same thing. I decided that for those folks I'd put together a warm beverage mug.

The very first thing you have to do is get a nice mug. It can be a Christmassy or winter mug but you can also opt for a solid color. When you use a solid color, your gift recipient can use the mug all year.

I like to lift the items in my mug. To do that I use tissue paper. I put tissue paper in the bottom and then I take two (or more) separate colors and make a tent to back up my items.

What are my items? Hot chocolate packets and/or tea packets. Just think about the person and what you've seen them drink. One of my coworkers watches her caffeine intake so I made sure to pick a selection of caffeine free teas for her. Another coworker loves hot chocolate so I made sure to add as many packets as I can fit into a cup. For many of my coworkers I did a mixture of both hot chocolate and tea.

To customize each cup I added little personal touches. I am a DANCER to the beat of a different drum. I don't just add regular personal touches -- I think outside of the box. If you have a coworker that never has spoons, you can add 2 or 3 spoons to the mug. My kiddo loves marshmallows so I added a treat packet of specialty marshmallows. If you have a tea drinker than add some honey sticks. If you have some chocolate pieces or candy pieces, add those too. The sky is the limit.

Warm beverage mugs are always a hit with my friends and family. I know that I can put together something really nice for each person without breaking the bank.

Still need a few last minute gift ideas? DANCE(R) your way back here tomorrow to see day 3 of 8 great gift ideas!

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