8 Days of Christmas - Day 3

Hey there!

So we are still shopping for the coworkers, huh? It's ok. I still have some great ideas and you don't even have to PRANCE(R) around several stores to create this one!

If you have writers and thinkers in your work circle, this is the perfect gift for them. Writers and thinkers are always writing! They always need a piece of paper and a pen. They make lists like crazy. They have individual notebooks for each and every idea that comes to mind. So it goes without saying that they need notebooks and pens!

There, I've said it.

Notebooks and pens for the creative types of folks don't need to be expensive. They just need to be quirky. I found these two old school notepads at the Dollar Tree. I thought they were so cute!

If you don't have a Dollar Tree near you or your Dollar Tree sold out of quirky notepads, wander over to your big box stores and see what they have in stock. For less than $5 you can find a plethora of notepads. Remember, creative people like creative gifts. Don't over think it.

What is a notepad without a pen? Well, it's still a notepad but you need to add a pen. It's the right thing to do. I picked up a 2 pack of pens from the Target (use to be) Dollar Spot. They just happen to match my notebooks (BTW, I didn't plan that)! How cute is that!

If you don't have a cute pen selection area and you need to make notebook gifts for several people, just go grab a set of pens (6 pack, 8 pack, 12 pack, you understand) and break up the set. I don't mind getting 2 or 3 random pens. If they can write, score! I also picked up the bejeweled pen from Dollar Tree. How stinkin' cute is that? I love it!

If that doesn't seem cute enough or you feel like you need to add just one more thing, add some page flags or post it notes. Again, writers love to write on anything. Page flags and post it notes will be most appreciated. If you can find something sweet or funny, it will be loved. If you can find something with a smooth surface that a pen can glide across, it will be loved.

PRANCE(R) your bountiful bevy of goodies to the wrapping table at your house (or floor, or bed) and find some cute tissue paper and a bag and zing everything inside. If you want to wrap everything in pretty wrapping paper, you can do so. I can't wrap a lick so I use gift bags. It's like 2 gifts in one because the receiver is going to reuse the bag.

Such fun ideas, huh? You should have half the people in your office covered. But, if you still need a few more things, I still have 5 great gift ideas! Come back tomorrow and see what we're creating!

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