Black Friday Wish List

Hey there!

Are you ready? Do you have your running shoes in place? Have you pulled your Black Friday ads for the most wonderful shopping day(s) of the year?

Yeah, me too!

I don't need any large electronics or expensive gives this year. The kiddo is an adult so gifts for her are pretty easy and don't require running through toy stores. So, what am I planning on purchasing this year?


Yes, I plan on getting a few things that I have been either coveting for a portion of the year or I know that they will be a ridiculously low price. I'll show you what I'm planning for Black Friday (Thursday/Saturday/Monday/month) but let me give a disclaimer first. I pulled pre-ads off of the internet and I don't promise that they are correct. Don't rely on me for your ads.

So, I will probably not leave my house. Yes, you heard me. For my crafty needs, I will probably stay home and surf the web. Normally when I go to the stores I buy things that I really don't need. I don't want to do that this year. I want to stay home and only order what I truly want.

Need. I meant need.

(photo credit;

I want, I mean need, a heat tool. I know that I could have had one several times over but I've just never picked one up. When I think I'm going to get one, something else catches my eye. But, this Black Friday, I'm going to get one. What is a heat tool and what do you need it for? Well, if you want to dry your paper after water coloring on it or you have added any type of wet media (glue, paint, etc), you can use a heat tool to quickly but gently dry your page. The other reason that I want a heat tool is because I want to emboss pretty items onto my sentiment cards.


And I need a MISTI stamping tool. I tend to create a lot of cards during the holidays and when you keep re-inking cards sometimes you don't re-ink in exactly the same place. The MISTI will help you get a fresh impression without the risk of off stamping your re-ink. Everyone in the stamping and card making world has their opinion on whether to MISTI or not to MISTI. I've spent a lot of time debating and I've decided that I need to bite the bullet. I hope I can get a deal.


I've begun using Neenah cardstock for my sentiment cards. I had been using cheapo paper from craft stores and noticed a BIG difference. If you are just starting out in the card making realm, then sure, regular white cardstock is fine. But, I've been doing this for a few years and I might decide to sell some card items and I want the quality to be great. Neenah cardstock has been great for card making and I intend to try this brand and a few other higher end brands in the upcoming year.

I need a camera. You may have figured out that I've been taking photos with my iphone and while it's not bad, it's probably time to upgrade. I also have been flirting with the idea of filming a few YouTube videos and I think I should upgrade if I am planning anything on that front.

I'm going to break down and get some adult markers. Yes, I have my Sharpies and a ton of Crayola markers but I'd like to branch out and maybe try Copic markers. Many crafters like Copic markers for shading and blending colors on projects. I may just get a color family of markers but I'd like to be able to shade my items a bit better. Copic calls them blending sets. Maybe I'll pick up a neutral set, a red set and maybe a blue set. You can't go wrong with the basics, can you?

I'll probably order a few other odds and ends. I'm going to look at some new ink pads and maybe a planner ink pen or two. I've been eyeing some sequin mixes for shaker cards and of course, I need to add a few embossing powders to my collection. I will try to only pick up a few odds and ends.

But who are we kidding? I've been saving up for this all year! I'll try not to go wild but...

... don't count on it!

Stay tuned for a haul y'all!

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