BONUS - 3D Paper Pumpkin

Hey there!

You good folks know that I am always finding new paper projects. I saw this paper pumpkin DIY on Pinterest and thought I'd try it out. It's very easy and pretty cute! If you're looking for something fun to do with the kiddos, this is a fast project that everyone can do.

All you need for this project is some colored or patterned paper, scissors, a pumpkin template, adhesive and I added a green pipe cleaner to make a stem for my pumpkin.

Choose or draw your pumpkin carefully. After many trials and errors, I discovered that the best pumpkin was a half pumpkin with a flat bottom and a stem. I used a half pumpkin because when you cut a half pumpkin along a folded piece of paper and then open that half pumpkin, both sides of your pumpkin will be equal size. I chose a flat bottom simply so the pumpkin will sit flat and I chose a stem because I wanted to add a green pipe cleaner embellishment to my pumpkin.

1. Your first step is to pick out pretty fall colors for your pumpkin. I chose 5 sheets for this one because it was a smaller pumpkin. I probably could have gotten away with 7 or even 8 sheets of paper. My uncut papers are about 8 1/2" wide X 6" high.

2. My second step was to find a paper pumpkin that was even on both sides. Because I can't draw worth a darn, I Googled and of course found one that I liked. I cut it as my template then I folded it in half.

3. Once I had my template folded in half, I folded my pretty papers in half. I then had sheets that were 4 1/4" wide X 6" high.

4. I laid the FOLD of my template against the FOLD of my paper and then cut each pumpkin individually. I wanted to make sure that each pumpkin turned out correctly.

5. Once I had all 5 pumpkins cut out, I opened them and decided which papers were going to sit next to the other paper.

6. After deciding the order of my pumpkins, I added some Scor-Tape to one side of one pumpkin and attached the next pumpkin to it. I attached all of the sides together to form a pumpkin circle.

7. I then very carefully fitted my green pipe cleaner around the paper pumpkin stems and curled each around my ink pen to make vines.

I have several 3D paper pumpkins in my house right now. You can make them any size. So, when you are making those fall projects and have left over paper...

... make some 3D paper pumpkins!

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