BONUS - December Daily 2016 - On A Budget

Hey there!

Yesterday we talked about December Dailys; what they are, what they mean, what you need to create one. As I was writing the post, I realized that some people might be ready to create one but they don't have access to Michaels or Hobby Lobby or Joanns or any other big box craft store. No worries! I have also created a kit from inexpensive things that you can find a little more conveniently. I chose to get EVERYTHING that I needed from my local Dollar Tree. No, they aren't sponsored here, it just that many people have a dollar or .99cent store near them.

A good daily for any season begins with a binder. Any binder works. You don't have to go all expensive for one. I only paid $3.99 for my regular December Daily binder but I have 3 Michaels craft stores near me. What can you use instead? Dollar Tree has cheap ones and you can use a left over one from back to school shopping. Have a piece of cardboard left over? You can use that. Do you have a cereal box? Yep, you can use that too! I picked up a little binder. It's not firm or anything but it will totally work! You'll see!

Great, so we have a binder. Now what? Well, I mentioned paper. Grab a pack of construction paper! Everyone has it and when you get the primary color pack, you have red and green and even blue at your disposal! You can just punch holes in the pages and add them to your binder.

Next to the construction paper you see a pretty gift bag. I'm planning something special with this.

And what can you use for embellishments? How about gift tags and gem stones? These can change up your December Daily. I really like the Dollar Tree gem stones. Yes, I have to use extra glue but I use extra glue with almost all of my gem stones.

Sequins! The Dollar Tree has 4 packs of sequins. Yes, there will be a shaker addition to my Budget December Daily! There will also be stickers galore! You guys know that Dollar Tree has stickers for every season. I take full advantage of that. I also will use these Decorated Christmas Card Garland clothes pins. I don't have plans on using them as a garland but I will use them.

Sparkles! Yep, I found glittery ribbon and rhinestone ribbon. Would you expect anything less? I also pulled out two washi tapes that can be used for holidays and these metallic marker pens that I found at the Dollar Tree over the summer. The colors are super vivid and I keep on the lookout for them to add more colors.

And there you go. I am going to keep up with both of my December Dailys. At the end of the month, I'll show you both of them!

Are you planning on creating a December Daily? If so, tag me on IG and let me see what you're doing!

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