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Hey there!

I am fairly new to the December Daily train. I do scrapbook but I haven't had a specific album just for December memories. I decided this year, just like I did with October Daily, I'm going to capture all of this month's memories and create a December Daily!

If you aren't sure what a December Daily is, I've added the Ali Edwards December Daily site. Just like your October Daily, December Daily is used to capture your December memories. You can journal each day or every couple of days. You can use pictures only or mix pictures and journaling. You can add menus or price tags or any type of memorabilia from things that you did in December. You can add recipes from your cookie swap or you can add holiday cards that you receive. What you do with your December Daily is completely up to you.

Because I really enjoyed making and adding memories to my October Daily, I decided to use the same style binding system. I went back to Michaels and picked up the same binder. It was definitely big enough and I was able to fill the October one to the brim. Choosing the binder was the easy part of the December Daily. The hard part was putting a kit together.

I've learned that one of the easiest ways to work on seasonal projects is to put a kit together. I take all of the embellishments that I might want to use and put them in a seasonal kit box. Normally I use a small sterile container for this but it's Christmas. I had to go big! I had to use a 12" X 12" X 8 1/2" bin! But look -- it's filled with anything I might need to use during the month of December.

I already had two large 12 X 12 paper pads and three 6 X 6 paper pads from last Christmas but I had used about half of all of those pads so I added two more 12 X 12 paper pads and two more 6 X 6 pads from Michaels. I'm not really a traditional red and green paper person so that's why you see more silvers, blues and kraft colors. I did make sure I had some red and green just in case I wanted to do something a bit more traditional.

I wanted to have a great selection of ribbons to use. Holiday cards and flip books use a lot of pretty ribbon so I made sure I had plenty. They follow the colors that I like to use for the holiday season and I think I just might have gone overboard on the metallics.

I always have gemstones on hand. I pulled out my red and blues but I have plenty of clear and pearl appliques. I also have pipe cleaners and buttons and flowers. You never know when you'll need a paper flower.

You know I love making shaker cards! I pulled out ALL of my sequins that I thought would work for the holidays. There will be some shaking in my December future. We all know that!

Washi tape, stamps, pretty ink pads - all of that will be included. Don't think that you have to go all expensive for this project! I have Dollar Tree stickers that I will definitely use. Yes, I picked up my paper pads during a sale at Michaels for $5. Yes, that's a great deal but maybe you don't have access to Michaels but you want to participate too. Have no fear.

I think we might just have an inexpensive solution for you. Come back tomorrow and see!

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