December Pinterest Craft Ideas

Hey there!

We all know that Pinterest is the maker of all great ideas. I use Pinterest for a good 75% of all of my craft ideas and 25% of all of my fun food ideas. If you aren't peeking at my Pinterest boards, whaaaat??? You are making some poor life choices kiddos!

But seriously, you could lose your mind looking at all of the crafting ideas that Pinterest has. Some of them turn out a tad bit more difficult than others. Some of them, however are pretty darn easy!

I saw a cute snowflake wreath on Pinterest, using inexpensive plastic snowflakes, rhinestones and ribbon. I was pretty sure that I could whip that together in no time! I got all of my supplies from the dollar store and instead of hot glue, I used my E6000 to adhere the snowflakes together in a circle. I added a second layer on top of the first circle of snowflakes (to give it some dimension) and then rhinestones in the center of some of the snowflakes. I quickly realized that my wreath was kinda flimsy so I added some stability by backing it on poster board. The poster board is white so it didn't fight with the snowflake wreath itself. It looks nothing like the Pinterest picture but I like it.

It's a candy cane wreath!! You know that anything food-ish tickles my fancy. I tried this one because it just looked fun and easy. It wasn't hard and I think it turned out kinda cute. You simply hot glue the candy canes together to make a circle and then I hot glued a second layer, slightly off set. I didn't have those small, cute pom poms so I just used cotton balls at the points and I used one of my left over snowflakes in the center.

One of my favorite crafts is the sweeties. I saved some empty toilet paper rolls but you could easily use paper towels rolls or any empty tube. I wanted to have several cute ones and I knew that I'd end up with more of these rolls, faster. You also need pretty wrapping paper, preferably wrapping paper that has stripes; something candy like. All you do is roll the paper rolls in the wrapping paper, making sure that you do it neatly and without extra paper on the ends. Then you wrap cellophane paper around that with extra length at the end to mimic candy paper. Finish it up with pretty ribbon at the ends and you're done!

As with any crafts, the first time you make your project it might be a bit wonky looking. All of these crafts were like that for me. You learn as you create. For those of you reading and wondering my do's and don'ts for your Pinterest ideas, here are my "next time, I'd do it like this...".

With the snowflake wreath, next time I'd glue it to a wreath form. The snowflakes themselves are pretty flimsy but they do make a pretty wreath. I'd probably add more gems and glitter. Or, I'd buy better snowflakes. Mine had a bit of sparkle to them but I could have gotten the silver, glitter ones for a bit more show. But, maybe that's just me.

The candy cane wreath was so cute! I broke out my glue gun for it. I discovered that gluing the top ends and bottom ends to the next set of canes didn't always come out as perfect as I wanted them to. And, when I added the second layer, because the first layer wasn't perfect, it turned out a bit weird. But, adding the bejeweled snowflake evened things, out I believe.

The sweeties were pretty simple. I don't decorate my home in the traditional red and white. Instead, I decorate in shades of blue and silver so I wanted my sweeties to match. Next time, I'll look for plain blue and plain silver wrapping paper to match the blue and silver swirl paper. I also will pick some skinnier ribbon. I had to cut my ribbon down in order to make it work. I probably could have just played with it a bit more but life goes on.

All in all I enjoyed these ideas. If I had to pick a favorite I'd go with the sweeties but only by a very slim margin. I enjoyed making all of these.

What Pinterest crafts have you made already? I know your board is full of them. What's stopping you from making them?

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