December Pinterest Wall Art Ideas

Hey there!

In Tuesday's post I talked about how much fun it is to try out Pinterest crafts. Sure, you have to laugh at some things because it looks NOTHING like the pin but sometimes you end up with a project that looks better than anything you could have imagined.

While researching holiday crafts (and holiday food and seasonal outfits and inspirational quotes and planner pages know how Pinterest works!) I found some really great wall art ideas. Wall art is pretty cool. All you need is a picture frame and your imagination and you have whatever you want for decoration.

You can print out quotes and frame them. You can take your kid's favorite drawing and frame it. Heck, you can take fabric and frame it. You hardly need anything to create wall art!

Ok, you need some crafting supplies. But, you can use what you have! To create the wall art I've done, you need a picture frame. You can do like I did and go to the Dollar Tree or you can repurpose one from your house or you can pick up one at Walmart, Target, Dollar General or any place. Don't make them expensive though.

Let's start with the easiest one first. This one is a gift bag, some scrapbook paper and a picture frame. I always see really cute gift bags at the stores and I always think, "Awwww, that would be cute wall art!" Well, I made one of those bags into wall art! I cut the front of the bag out, you know, the side with the glitter. Because my bag was smaller than the frame, I found some scrapbook paper to use as boarder/matte for my bag. I glued the bag to the scrapbook paper and then popped that in the frame. That's it! Beautifully simple but so pretty.

The next wall art creation was a simple star. I just drew a star on a piece of scrapbook paper and added ribbon. I saw some larger projects on Pinterest and wanted to do something on a smaller scale. This project is one you can keep simple or you can do it up. I chose to add a red bow sticker on the top of my star and bejewlies on the other star points. You can use bejewlies everywhere you'd like. You can use fancier ribbon or a fancier backdrop. You can make several of these star frames and create a wall mural or you can keep it simple like me and just do a ribbon star.

The most difficult project, but not difficult at all, is the ornament frame. It required ribbon, different types of ornaments, scrapbook paper and hot glue. I strung three ornaments on ribbon and attached them to a picture frame. I just used a bit of black electrical tape because it's super strong even though my ornaments are light. At the bottom I hot glued a door knocker from the Dollar Tree and added a bow. Once I finished I decided I needed to add some scrapbook paper to the back. I went with a light colored paper but I could have gone all blue and it might have popped more. But, I like it.

I have more frames so I could have kept framing for days. I finished all of these frames in under two hours. And, little kiddos can help you! Imagine how they will feel being able to show the grandparents and aunts and uncles what they created! Heck, imagine how I'm going to feel showing off my works of art!

If you need some ideas, hope on over to my Winter Holidays Pinterest board. I have one for almost all of the seasons and you are sure to find some great ideas. If you make something, let me know. Was it super easy or did you have a little bit of trouble? And, was it as fun as you'd though it would be?

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