DIY Potpourri

Hey there!

I have a steeping pot.

I mean it's a regular pot but I only use it for steeping things in it.

I don't use it much most of the year. I probably should. I'm sure I could find some nice scents to go inside.

Let me backup.

I have a steeping pot that I steep spices and citrus peels in. I use it during the fall and winter. I know that you can purchase candles and waxes to make your home fragrant with the scents of the season but I do it the old fashion way. It smells wonderful and I don't pay that much for it.

My favorite mix of all time is cinnamon, a few cloves and vanilla. I put it in a pan of water, bring it to a boil and then immediately turn it to simmer. I can let that aromatic fragrance simmer for hours and my house smells fantastic. People instantly think I'm cooking something really good. It doesn't matter that I'm not baking anything, I get people that think that muffins or a spice cake is in the oven or I'm making cider. Oh, if you really want to confuse a person or two, cut a few slices of apple and add it to the mix. Your kitchen will smell delightful.

And my second favorite mix? That's orange peel, lemon peel, cloves and cinnamon sticks. Man, that smells good! Don't look at any of the mixes. They often look kind of dingy and yukky but they smell oh so good.

You can put just about anything together and come up with aromas to make your holiday guests smile. Add a bay leaf to the mix or some nutmeg or maybe some rosemary, try anything! You can't go wrong. And, if you have a farmers market near you, you can get your accouterments fairly inexpensively. I paid less than $10 for my haul and not only can I use them all season, I can also bake a chicken with many of them.

Are you interested in trying this smell maker this season? Let me know what you piece together and how great it smells.

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