Fall Candy Corn Projects

Hey there!

It's almost time for that special day of ghoulish delight! Which means it's almost time to stop making Halloween decorations.

I know, I know, boo hiss. Even though we have to stop making the creepy things, we can still use some of the same colors to transition into the fall crafts. Halloween brought in the warm colors that we like to use in fall DIY'ing. We can still use hues of purple, orange, black and gold.

One of my favorite color combos just happens to be an edible combo. I love the colors in candy corn. Warm yellows and oranges and creams are fantastic transition colors for projects. Because I'm not ready to stray from my Halloween decor just yet, I thought I'd show you some of the candy corn projects that are great for Halloween or fall!

One of the new DIY projects that I have been loving is making banners. I love stringing cute seasonal decorations across my walls. This candy corn banner is super easy! All you need is a few paper plates, some orange paint, some yellow paint, twine and scissors. That is it! So simple and fast and you can make a long banner in a matter of hours (because of paint dry time).

Some of the most effortless DIYs involve candles and candle holders. These candy corn candle holders are just a stick and pour DIY. You simply stick a piece of ribbon around the container and pour some candy corn pieces in around the candle. I was going to use candy corn and then I smelled these Jet-Puffed candy corn marshmallows and changed my mind. They smell so good and I can have the remainder in my hot chocolate if I'd like.

Another candy corn container is the floral arrangement container. You just layer candy corn (or marshmallows), marshmallow ghost peeps and tombstone peeps and then add flowers. I layered yellow flowers, orange flowers and then white flowers. You can use real flowers but I have allergies so these flowers from Dollar Tree and Hobby Lobby work just as well. You know, if I weren't afraid of bugs, I'd just keep this arrangement up all year. The ghosties and tombstones won't last forever but if they could...

My favorite of all the fall candy corn projects has to be my button and burlap picture. I almost didn't make this one because I couldn't find the right type of buttons. I had read that JoAnns had the best type of buttons but I didn't want to travel that far and I already had enough projects for the weekend. Boy, am I glad that I made the journey. Is this picture not the best?! All it is, is burlap, a candy corn template on printer paper and buttons glued onto the template. But man, isn't that cute? I'm really proud of it.

I will miss making spooky and scary things but these fall decorations aren't so bad. Have you already begun putting up the fall decor? What are you buying and what are you going to make?

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