Fall Centerpiece

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Saturday I talked about my Thanksgiving candles as tablescapes. Today I want to talk about this year's centerpiece that will grace my Thanksgiving/Fall tablescape.

Fall centerpieces tend to be my favorite. Sure, sure, Christmas tablescapes are pretty and Valentines tablescapes are fun and who can resist a summer splish splash tablescape? But, your entire house goes all warm and cozy when it's time to put together your fall decor.

Now that you have some candles to add to the table, what about the centerpiece? I know, many people are yelling that the turkey is the pièce de résistance for a good Thanksgiving table. I'm not arguing with you! However, if you're like my family, the food never hits the "grown up" table. It sits on the kitchen table and kitchen counters, you fix your plate and then come back to the beautifully decorated table in the formal livingroom.

The main base for all of my tablescapes are pumpkins and leaves. I think that's pretty classic and it's easy. I know that all of my pumpkins either came from Dollar Tree, Target or Family Dollar and yes, there is a gourd in the mix. I have no idea why I purchased the gourd but the color is a perfect match with the pumpkins. You also see fabric pieces, a silver charger and a larger sized hurricane vase.

The leaves that I used were from the Dollar Tree. You can purchase just leaves from Dollar Tree but I didn't see any at my local Dollar Tree and I liked the colors in this bouquet. It is very easy to remove the leaves from the stem. You see that little nib there? You just pluck that off and then pull off the leaf set. Then you cut the leaf set in half and you have two pretty leaves to use.

I picked up a silver charger after the holidays several years ago. I try not to pay full price for anything so after each holiday, I pick up a few dollars worth of decorations to add to my collection. I added a piece of fabric to my charger before adding my fall foliage. I did this to minimize the "empty" space that you'd see beneath all of the things that we are going to add to the plate. You don't have to do this, but I like the look that it gives.

When adding your leaves to the plate, keep them towards the edge of the plate. You want your leaves almost hanging off of the plate. Place your hurricane vase in the center and then set your pumpkins and around it. Inside the hurricane, I added a layer of glass beads to sort of lift my candle and add something to the bowl. The bowl of the vase is so empty with just the candle inside so I added what I had to it.

I wrapped with vase with raffia ribbon from the Dollar Tree. You could use any ribbon but burlap ribbon or some other sort of "rustic" ribbon is best for this look. You could use large orange or brown ribbon or you could wrap some twine around the vase several times. You really can't go wrong.

This entire look cost me about $18 but it's from things I repurpose all year. The pumpkins start out in October and go through November (catch them on sale in December and you can get them for about a quarter each). The floral pieces can be picked up for fifty cents at the end of the year but you can use them the following year from October through November as well. I got the hurricane vase from the thrift store for $4. You can use the vase all year so it's a very smart investment. The candles were from Family Dollar (yep, I stacked two candles because I only had smaller candles available - magic!). I don't burn my candles so I can use them over and over and over again. I always have glass beads all over the house. I keep them on hand for projects. So, even though it's an $18 project, it's $18 worth of items you can use many times over.

If you are looking for side pieces for your centerpiece then go with a medium sized candle holder with a flameless flicker candle inside. I used the same pumpkins and leaves around the base. I added cream cotton ribbon around the candle holder and because it's a flameless candle, I added some leaves on the inside of the holder.

You can really go crazy with your centerpieces and side pieces. You can go upscale but I'm a simple girl so I go with that traditional, rustic look.

What's going on your table this Thanksgiving? Have you thought about it yet? Tag me on Instagram

(#DIYWRIGHT) and let me see what you're playing around with this season!

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