Halloween Flipbook

Hey there,

I love flipbooks. They are as easy or as complex as you want to make them. They can be any size that you choose to make them. They can be just a few pages stuck together or an elaborate system of pages, pockets, nooks and crannies. And you can of course, use any embellishments that you want on them.

"What is a flipbook?" some people may ask. It's a grouping of envelopes, paper bags or pretty paper attached together with some type of adhesive and embellished to your heart's content. They can be used for memory keeping, to give to friends or more commonly, created to mail to pen pals with Q&As in order to get to know them better.

I always begin with the simplest of plans. I think that a little ribbon here, a few stickers there, maybe a few places for pictures and 1 pocket will be plenty. "It will only take 30 minutes," I tell myself. "I'll be done in half an hour and ready to do something else".

Three days later I have a massive flipbook full of rhinestones and fold outs and surprise places to hide things and I've used more glue than I even knew I had.

You know how that works. It's happened to you, don't deny it.

Because I am always so proud of my flipbooks, I wanted to share my Halloween flipbook with you good people. It began as 30 minute project. 2 days later I had what you see above.

I wanted a pretty simple book to capture a few of my Halloween pictures. I decided to use cards as my base. Over the past year I have worked on many projects that used envelopes. I always end up buying the card and envelope sets so I end up with several card bases that I don't know what to do with. I decided to stick 5 of those unused cards together, add some black glitter washi tape and tada -- I had a flipbook structure to work on.

I picked out a few sheets of paper from collections from last year and then picked up a paper pad from Michaels, the Ravenshead Manor paper pad by Recollections. I wanted to use shades of black, white and rose gold rather than bright oranges, purples and greens. I also chose to go very simple on my embellishments.

I added a few places for photos. I have to admit, they aren't the basic sizes for photos, so I'll have to cut my pictures down. That's easy enough though. There are so many picture apps out there that let you play with the sizes of your photos. I currently use Fotojet and Canva, and then I print them out on my HP Office Jet 4650.

The only envelope that I used in this flipbook is a glassine bag from the Target Bullseye Playground. I added a double sided photo mat with a sparkly black cat pull tag, which is really a sticker. I can use both sides for photos or for journaling about the photo on the other side.

I created my first shaker card! I used the plastic wrapping from embellishments, Scor-tape to secure the plastic to a piece of cardstock from my paper pad, tons of washi tape and then went to town on shaker filler. I used seed beads from the jewelry section of Michaels and glitter, sequins and metallic cut outs from the craft section. I've shaken it quite a bit and nothing has fallen out. I see lots of shaker cards in my future.

The portion of my flipbook that took it from an hour to 2 days was my Mod Podge page. I used tissue paper and lots of cut outs from my paper pad and Mod Podged them to the pages. Once they had dried for a few hours, I added a second coat of Mod Podge. I let that dry for 24 hours and then I added some of my Tim Holtz distressed inks with a makeup sponge. I let the first coat of inks dry over night and then sponged more colors over the top. I like the rough look that the page has. I'll probably add a picture on one side and journaling on the other.

I had so much fun creating this flipbook. It wasn't fancy, anyone can do it. If you are interested in seeing other flipbooks, check out my Pinterest board with flipbook ideas. And, keep coming back. I might just have to get a tutorial together for you!

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