Halloween Ghoulish Goodies

Hey there!

Ahhhh, yes. You've been invited to a Halloween party. Or, you are throwing a Halloween party. Or, it's a random Saturday and you're hungry. Let's make some spooky goodies to satisfy both your appetite and your need for ghoulish delight!

Life is uncertain. Start with dessert. I took the easy route with these graveyard goodies. It's simply pudding, worms, fake bugs and crushed chocolate cookies. There is absolutely no work necessary if you want to keep everything in the original pudding cup. That's what I did.

I used Snack Pack pudding in ice cream sandwich flavor. I then crumbled up some Keebler Grasshopper Mint & Fudge Cookies (2 cookies were plenty) and added them to the top of my pudding cup. The worms are of course Troll Sour Bite gummy worms that my daughter loves to snack on. And, I added some fake bugs from the Dollar Tree.

Hotdogs always make fun Halloween treats. You can make removed finger hotdogs. All you need are, of course, hotdogs, ketchup, and hotdog buns. This is a fun, spooky treat that can be pulled together in no time at all. The removed hotdog finger might be a little gory for your tastes but if you just cover it up with more ketchup...nevermind.

Halloween usually signals cooler weather. I live in Atlanta and while it's not really cold yet, it's still ok to make a nice bowl of taco soup and add some cute tortilla tombstones to your bowl. It is surprisingly easy to create the tortilla chips and of course the taco soup is yummy! I have used this recipe from the Pillsbury website for years. This time I baked some tortillas that I cut out into tombstone shapes. I sprinkled green onions on top of my taco soup bowl and had a yummy meal.

Thirsty? Add an ice cube to your ruby red beverage! Yep, those are ice cube bugs. Very easy - ice cube tray, water, bugs and tada! You have an oddly fun addition to a red (or any color) drink. This drink is just fruit punch soda.

There are so many last minute Halloween yummy ideas. I just looked on my Pinterest Good Fun Food page for ideas. You can find recipes for almost everything on Pinterest!

Have you finished your Halloween menu? Are you making something special? Tag me on Instagram and let us see your yummy goodies!

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