It's A Black Friday Haul, Y'all!

Hey there!

I didn't leave the house on Black Friday but I wanted to make sure to participate in Small Business Saturday. It's important for me to patronize small businesses. Small businesses survive only when you support them. The difference between a sale at their establishment and a big box store could mean that they are able to provide heat for their family this winter. I have several small businesses that I support year round but on Small Business Saturday, I make sure I speak with my dollars.

Anyway, I went to my favorite clothing boutique and the British shop that I love and after I left there, I stopped by Michaels and Dollar Tree.

I have several projects on the horizon for December. I wanted to make sure that I had all of the bits and pieces for those projects. My first stop was Dollar Tree.

I don't keep wrapping paper in the house because wrapping is not my strong suit. My gifts come in bags because my wrapping is a hot mess. But, I have plans for these rolls. Stay tuned!

The gemstones from Dollar Tree aren't the best but they aren't bad either. You can get quite a few of them for a dollar. You have to use extra adhesive but I do with other brands as well. I also picked up some blue decorative mesh and miniature snow flake clothes pins. So many people love the Dollar Tree decorative mesh. I figured I'd try it out as well. Then I purchased a full sized cup of coffee and walked into Michaels.

Fortunately, Michaels was pretty empty. It was like everyone had been there the two days before and were too tired to come back. That was fine with me. It meant I could shop in peace.

The reason for the trip to Michaels was so that I could pick up the $5 Hot Buy paper packs. They normally run about twenty bucks. Sure, you can get them for $10 and sometimes $7 but $5 is a good deal. I already have Christmas paper from last year so I just wanted to add pretty paper to what I have. I chose Crisp Luxury and Gilded Grey. They are both pretty enough to use at Christmas but non seasonal enough to use at other times of the year. I did add two 6 X 6 pads from Recollections that were Christmasy - Shimmer Noel Paper Pad and Ice Crystals Paper Pad. Normally they are $5.99 but they were 50% off. For the record, I've flipped through all of the paper pads and they are very pretty BUT, Crisp Luxury is soooo beautiful. If I had flipped through those gorgeous papers I would have purchased two packs!

I bought yarn. I picked up bright red, turquoise and white. I have recently discovered that there are many crafts that can be done easily and cheaply with yard. I also picked up red and white pipe cleaners. You can do a lot with pipe cleaners too.

Do you see the gorgeous ribbon?! You never need an excuse for pretty ribbon. You can use ribbon on anything and everything. I honestly don't know what I'll be using this ribbon on but it will be used and whatever I use it on will be beautiful.

So no, I didn't go too crazy. I only picked up things that I had plans for. I did go a bit crazy at my British shop. I have enough chocolate, crisps and tea to keep me very warm. And, I picked up 2 shirts at my favorite boutique clothing store. I am still cyber shopping but, I'm looking at Etsy and smaller online stores.

Are you all shopped out or do you still have energy to go again this week? Did you get anything fun and what are you planning on doing with your goodies?

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