Let's Make A Thanksgiving Clipboard

Hey there!

When I'm preparing for the holidays I like to write notes and make lists. I want to make sure that anything I need to get done doesn't get missed. I try to have everything in one place and while a notebook is nice, I've found that clipboards work better.

Sure, we could pick up a clipboard from the store and add some papers to it and go with that but that wouldn't be fun! I wanted something better, something that would make me want to pick up that clipboard and check things off of my to do list. So, I created a Thanksgiving clipboard.

I've mentioned that I hang out at the thrift store along with the dollar stores. I picked up this clipboard for $.77. It's not a fancy one or anything amazing but it's great for DIY projects. Because it's bare you can do so many things with it.

Now, you can go simple with your clipboard or you can go intricate as I went. You can use some scrapbook paper or tissue paper or fabric or wrapping paper...whatever you want to use to cover your clipboard. This isn't my first time covering a clipboard so I chose to use two pieces of scrapbook paper and some cutouts from my Recollections Copper Plate Hot Buy Paper pad from Michael's. I Mod Podged the sheets to the clipboard. If my clipboard had a screw off hinge at the top it would have been easier but it didn't so I cut and pasted the best that I could. Always remember, this is your project -- make it your way.

I used two coats of Mod Podge to make sure my pages stuck. You can use whatever Mod Podge you have -- matte, glossy, hard coat, extreme glitter, etc. Use what you like. I keep matte and glossy on hand but tend to use matte more than glossy. Once my second coat was dry, I decided to paint the hinge.

I have found myself falling in love with metallic paints. I just look for reasons to use them. For instance, my hinge was silver. It's already a metal. I decided that it wasn't a pretty enough metal so I painted it. It took soooo many coats and it's still not opaque but it changed the color of the hinge and created a look that I like. Honestly, I probably used 5 coats of Craft Smart Metallic Paint in bronze but it's quick and easy to do so no worries.

Once I was finished and I let it dry overnight, I added a jeweled tassel from my stash. I can use my bejeweled ink pen from the Dollar Tree and I have a cute clipboard to walk around with on Thanksgiving day. No, my family won't think it's odd...they know me.

Let me know if you try this idea out. It's easy and you can embellish your clipboard in so many ways. You can keep it for yourself or make one for the kids, the neighbor, your kid's teacher, you know, one for everyone!

(Grocery store listing downloaded from freeprintablegrocerylist.com)

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