Lighting Thanksgiving Candles

Hey there!

Believe it or not, it's time to start planning your Thanksgiving table. No, not the meat and sides and desserts. It's time to think about your tablescape!

Last month we talked about fall candy corn projects and that included candles and candle holders. That got me to thinking about Thanksgiving candle holders and what cute things I could make with them.

A cute candle holder can be an inexpensive way to jazz up a table or mantle. I don't burn my candles so I reuse my candle tablescape pieces over and over again. My favorite candle holder is the easiest one you'll ever try. It's a candle, a hurricane glass, popcorn and raffia ribbon or regular ribbon.

Yes, I said popcorn. Sounds odd but it's so unique that it will get your guests talking. You can bet one of your visitors will try it next year. Just make sure they give you credit.

A spin on the popcorn candle is the bean jar. It's the same premise, layers of different colored beans and peas and popcorn, all creating a pretty bowl for your candle to sit in. Again, so simple but such a nice way to warm up a table. Ignore the fact that I got bean happy. You can gauge your beans better.

I keep wine glasses. I can pick up a nice pair from the dollar store or, get this, the thrift store! Yep, I often pick up beautiful wine glasses at the thrift store for $1.29, $.79, or even $.59 a pair! These are single glasses from two sets that cost me $1.51 cause they're fancy. And look what I did to make them fancier!

All you need to do is add some leaves from Dollar Tree fall flowers, use some colored stones and I have a ceramic pumpkin (shhhh, it's a salt shaker). Tada! You have some fancy candle holders!

Got a regular ole candle holder and a flameless flicker light? Then you, my friend, have a cute candle piece. Take a few felt leaves left over from a previous project that you might have tried and add them to some of your leftover lentils (uncooked). Isn't that nice and homey?

You don't have to spend a fortune to make your table look nice and you don't have to use the same blah, boring candles that everyone else will be using. Just try one or two of these candle ideas. I guarantee your guests will remember your creations (and probably try to copy you) next year!

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