November Daily - Flipbook

Hey there!

Last month I created an October Daily. It was a pretty involved undertaking. I had to pick out the right papers and make sure that the pictures that I printed matched the embellishment assortment. I didn't worry about the number of days but I did need to make sure that all of the pictures were captured. In the end it turned out very nice.

And December will have a December Daily that will probably be about the same. I didn't want November to end up quite that way.

So I'm keeping November simple. I'm going to make a flipbook for November.

These are the things I've pulled for all of my November projects. You can see glitter, ribbon, inks, stamp pads, die cut leaves, pumpkin rhinestones, sequins and leftover pieces of paper. I basically put together my own November kit that I plan on pulling from. I starting putting seasonal kits together back in August. It has really come in handy to just pull what you think you will need and then at the end of the season, I'll put everything away.

I only wanted a 3 page flipbook but my papers were single sided so I taped 2 pages together. If you have double sided paper, you can skip this step. If you have to put two pages together, you can glue or tape them together. I used my Scor-Tape because it's my fave.

For me one of the fun things with flipbooks is figuring out your binding. I always choose to go with fun but strong washi tape. This one is my "pumpkins on the vine" tape that I found at Tuesday Morning. Even though I trust washi tape, I don't trust it. You see that small Scor-Tape off to the side? Yep, I used it as reinforcement.

I'm masking pumpkins again! If you read my Thanksgiving card blog post, you'll recall I had masked a stamp for the first time. Well, I did it again for this flip book. All you do is stamp your images a few times on different colored paper, carefully cut them out (fussy cutting) and glue them onto the original image. I also used markers to color in some areas. I like it!

Mentioning fussy cut, I became a master at working my scissors around the cutouts from my Michael's Copperplate HotBuys paper pad. If you had watched me fussy cutting a year ago you would have seen that this was a painful ordeal for me. I really wasn't any good at it. I noticed recently that I'm not so bad at it anymore! The phenomena that everyone else calls a "cathartic activity to do while watching TV" has become for me, "a cathartic activity to do while watching TV". I fussy cut these tags and pumpkins, added in some leaves and Mod Podged them to my back page of the flipbook. I'm proud of my little bad self!

And what do you spy with your little eye? Yep, a shaker pocket! Did you honestly think I could create a flipbook without a shaker pocket? Ah, no! I created a slanted belly band type pocket and added my shaker pack.

What's going next to the shaker pack? One of my many photo mattes. I wanted to have many pages for smaller photos. There are 2 places for larger photos but I really wanted to keep the majority of my pictures 3 X 3 or so. I wanted to add as many pictures as I could while keeping it simple.

Here I did more fussy cutting and I will be able to slide in smaller pictures into the spaces. If need be, I can matte the pictures for added eye appeal.

I also added journaling spots next to pictures. I wanted to capture the emotions behind the pictures as well. I don't often write a lot down but just a few lines will remind me what made the day special.

Like I said, I wanted my November memory keeping to be fairly simple and easy for me to complete. I didn't want it fussy and involved. I think I accomplished that this time. I have a great canvas for some pictures and anything over what can be held in this flipbook is probably going to be a scrapbook page.

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