October Daily Flip Through

Hey there!

The October Daily is complete! All of my October memories have been well documented. The things I did in October 2016 will always be known.

Well, known to people that I let see my October Daily. And you get to be one of those people.

In my original October Daily post, I told you about the things I was planning on using. Well, I used quite a bit of those items. The main thing that I wasn't 100% sure about was my binder. I chose a chipboard 3 ring binder. I wanted to have plenty of space for my pictures and journaling. I also used the Recollections Ravenshead Manor paper pack. I didn't want to use bright oranges and purples exclusively this year. Instead, I wanted to go with muted colors -- browns, grays, antique orange and foiled sheets along with a few standard colors. I'm glad I went with this paper pack. I only used about 1/3 of it because a little went a long way with this collection.

Having a larger 8 X 10 binder means I have a big surface to decorate on the outside as well as in the inside. Outside I just Mod Podged papers and cutouts from the Ravenshead Manor paper pack. The inside of the binder is just painted with some of my Tim Holtz distressed paints and a few shimmery sprays and acrylic paints that I have in my stash. I wanted the inside of the binder to be very simple and keep some of the traits of the kraft colored binder.

Most of the pages within my October Daily are papers from the paper pack, with a few being from past Halloween collection single sheets. I used vellum sheets that I picked up at Michaels and a few single sheets that I picked up at my local scrapbook store. I also used some black paper from some of the paper packs from Michaels and Joanns but, I found that the color smudged onto my hands. I think it's probably time to start investing in better quality paper. It was fine for this project but next time I'll order some more substantial paper.

One of the first things that you notice about my October Daily is my binder charm. I went with a candy corn yarn tassel charm with small candy like beads. I enjoy making yarn tassels. I'm not the best at it but they are so fun and so cheap to make.

I decided my opening page should just be a Halloween sentiment. I used cards from a Halloween sheet that I purchased at the Scrapbook Expo. I have no idea what collection it's from but I thought it was a fun opening page.

My second page has a...tada! Shaker card! Anyone that's been following this blog knows that I am in love with shaker cards. They are so fun to make. This one is the plastic sheeting from a sticker pack that I saved. I added metallic die cuts, sequins, glitter, goggley eyes and rhinestones. I stuck paper die cuts to the backing sheet to add some interest and I sealed it closed with regular old tape. I covered the tape with washy tape. I thought the "shake me" instructions went well and I created a pocket to hold my shaker card.

Next, I chat a bit about my large orange tub that I keep all of my Halloween decorations in. Yes, everything that I put out in spooktacular fashion fits into this orange tub. I have tubs for almost every holiday. No, the Valentines Day tub is not nearly this big and yes, I have multiple Christmas tubs.

I won't stop on every page in the October Daily but I feel that it's important to show you my "Stop In For A Spell" page. I went to vote the second week that early voting was open. I only stood in line for 2 hours total but felt that it was well worth it!

As you guys all know, October has been a crafty month. I wanted to take some of my random pictures that I took and show the behind the scenes of crafting. It's things like having too much yarn, finding the perfect shade of orange acrylic paint, ruler trashcans, choosing the best pineapple to copy and having an "I can make one just like that at home" moment. These two pages also show that I added enamel dots and stickers to my October Daily pages.

I went to the Adele concert!!! I will of course, have a flip book dedicated to it but I wanted to reference it in my October Daily. I used letter stamps to create specialized border paper for my pictures and I added an envelope that I made with my Martha Stewart envelope punch board. What's inside that bejeweled orange envelope? My journaling about the concert.

My uncle's birthday is October 31 so every year my aunt has a Halloween/birthday party for him. This year I captured some of the decorations that she put up and the table setting. Yes, that's a small shaker card off to the side there. Really, what did you expect?

I have mentioned that I can't begin decorating my home until after October 2nd because that's my kiddo's birthday! I can't let Halloween decor mingle with her girlie birthday decor. I captured a few pictures of the cake that she picked out (chocolate!), the ceiling decorations, the food table (one of them) and the punch. Again, there will be an entire flipbook dedicated to her birthday party but I wanted to add one or two pictures to the daily binder.

And, back to October being a crafty month. I added two samples of projects that I did this month. I made October garlands. They were all fun and some easier than others.

I am very proud of my first October Daily attempt. It was easy to make and fun to fill up. Did you guys make one and if not, why not? While I won't be doing a November Daily, there will be a December Daily coming up. Keep your eyes out for that! And, if you did make a special scrapbook of some sort for October, tag me on Instagram and show me what you made!

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