Quick And Easy Decor For Impromptu Gatherings

Hey there!

If you are anything like me you are super busy this holiday season. I haven't even had time to decorate yet. I know! I've been so busy at work and crafting things, I haven't had a moment to throw up garland or a wreath. So what happens when the girls decide they want to come over for drinks? Well, you can pretend not to care that your house isn't decorated. Or, you can add some quick and easy decor before the girls come over.

One of the easiest things to do is to add snowflakes everywhere. Years ago I picked up several packages of silver and white snowflakes. They are a little heavier than the snowflakes that I picked up from Dollar Tree and they look a little bit better. You can add them to your Christmas tree or just hang them around the house. I add them to garland (that I hastily added to clear command hooks). You can hang them anywhere for a festive look.

Another super easy decorating tip is so basic, I really hesitated to add it. It's so simple, I'm almost embarrassed but if I don't have a dish of holiday candy ready, the masses will fuss. Yes, that's it. Get a candy dish and add holiday candies to it. I added a little bit of ribbon to the bowl and then draped candy canes around it. You can sit it on a coffee table or dining room table. If you really like the people coming over to visit have a bowl of festively wrapped chocolate. I know, it sounds too easy. Your guest are not going to complain.

I've mentioned paper garland chains before. I think they take a rustic decor direction. And they are super easy. You just pick some decent weight paper, cut it into strips and glue or tape them together in a loop. I picked up a kit from the Target front door area (formerly known as The Dollar Spot). It was a dollar. The chain ended up being about 4 1/2 feet long but still super cute. They had green, red and this beige color. I draped mine over a little silver tinsel tree that I've had for ages. Not a bad look.

Need to do a tad bit more? Ok, how about candle holders? And by candle holders, I mean over turned wine glasses. I picked up these wine glasses ages ago from the thrift store for a steal. But, I've noticed that Dollar Tree and other inexpensive spots have upped their game and have really cute wine glasses too. I took a tree ornament, some smaller ornaments, a piece of decorative ribbon and turned it over on a mirror. Top it off with a candle and you have a master piece. Really, it's easy but so cute. As your girlfriends take a piece of candy from your candy dish, they will ooooh and ahhh over the simplicity of it.

You should always keep flickering tea lights and actual candle holders on hand. I picked up these at, you guessed it, Dollar Tree. It's simple but so pretty. Imagine dimming the lights, putting on some soft holiday music and a glass of good wine (or a mug of egg nog) and the laughter and good times will ensue.

Look! I have a red bowl of ornaments. How easy is that?! I put that out every year. Take your crystal/glass bowl and put some Christmas tree ornaments in it. I stuffed some plastic bags in the bottom of the bowl and then put ornaments on top of it.

What on earth are you going to do with your cabinets? Wrap them! I know, crazy talk. But, it's kind of cute to have ribbon and bows on your cabinets. Let's face it, the kitchen is always the place where people gather. Make it a talking point.

I know, I know. All of this seems too easy. I must have used the words quick, easy, simple waaaaay too many times but it really is just that quick, easy and simple. Remember, you don't have to go overboard to create a cute home. My daughter puts up her own little three foot pink and purple tree every year in one corner and in another corner, we put up a 2 foot, more traditional tree that I picked up. I just add some cute little ornaments that I've picked up over the years, usually after the holidays.

Don't opt to meet the gang at a restaurant or bar. Go ahead and invite them to your house! It's cute and will give you an excuse to throw up some decorations. If you need some more ideas, take a peek at my Pinterest board and go crazy!

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